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Wild Mylk, handmade clean ice cream

Location Online service, HK based
Price  $$ (scroll down for price details)
Products Handcrafted, plant-based, seasonal ice cream (gluten free, dairy free, vegan)
Created in March 2016


The homepage of the website says “Plant-based treats made with joy & intention”. Those few words already tell a lot about Wild Mylk.


Simply the best

Made in small batches, Wild Mylk is plant-based only, contains no animal ingredient and no refined sugar. Gluten free, dairy free and vegan, it’s gonna be hard to find a healthier ice cream! Of course, it remains a treat so it’s up to you to see how much and how often you should have some. But you know you’ll indulge on good stuff then.

If ever that helps you make the best choice of when and how much, one serving (119g = 1/4 of a pint) of vanilla, for example, is 1g protein, 8.5g fats, 12g crabs.


The story behind Wild Mylk

When it comes to the “joy and intention”, no doubt they’re there, just as the love Laura – the founder and ice cream chef – puts in her creations.

Ice cream has always been her favorite treat since her childhood in Puerto Rico’s tropical weather. Making changes to a healthier lifestyle in 2015, this mother of three started to favor homemade treats. As a dairy intolerance kept her away from ice cream for good, she got an ice cream maker, rolled up her sleeves and went for all kinds of gelato experiences using alternative, non-dairy, wholesome, clean ingredients. Wild Mylk was born.


The flavors

The brand offers classic and seasonal flavors, with always a touch of creativity finding the little additions to enhance the flavors. A few examples…

If you’re like me, your first thought may be “But is it as good as the regular (not so clean) stuff though?”… Fear not, because yes, it is! It’s actually even better in my opinion.

Creamy, sweet, flavorful, everything you expect from an ice cream. One thing I’m sure of: you’ll never have the feeling to be eating some kind of ice cream counterfeit. I dare you not to find Wild Mylk ice cream delicious!


Wanna buy some?

Go and meet them! You can find here a calendar of their attendance to local markets or events this year.

They also deliver, if you indulge for 4 pints or more, chosen amongst the available flavors (list by sending them an email at


Prices $$

HK$100 per pint (475 ml)


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