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Jump into the water for some aquabike at Velocity

Location Causeway Bay
Price  Sports-Barbell-icon   Sports-Barbell-icon   Sports-Barbell-icon 

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Service Aquabike and Japanese sauna
Open since October 2016

Welcome to the first solo aquabike studio in Hong Kong!reception-3

The concept has already met a huge success in many European countries for a few years now, but it’s a first in Hong Kong. Developed in France and designed for women, Velocity just opened in the heart of Causeway Bay, offering aquabike and Japanese Sauna in a beautiful studio and a very zen Aquabike is known to help blood and lymphatic circulation and reduce water retention in legs. This is good health wise of course, but also aesthetic wise as all those factors are considered causing cellulite.

Japanese sauna is supposed to trigger the body’s natural purification process to remove toxins through sweat. Velocity recommends a Japanese sauna session after your aquabike session, to get even more benefits, thanks to this detox effect.


You get changed first, in their beautiful changing rooms, all mirrors and wood, including bathroom and showers worthy of a 5-star hotel. The perfect outfit is a bikini or bikini bottom and sports bra.




A staff member will then guide you to your cabin and show you how the to choose your program. You’re facing a big high bath, filled with water with a bike inside and an electronic dashboard. You can control anytime through your session, the bike’s resistance, the intensity of the massaging jets and the light color to add some chromotherapy benefits to your session. You can also set a program at the beginning of your session according to your fitness level.

img_6299Time to get into the water! The temperature feels quite cool at first, but just perfect when you start pedaling. The bath was created to provide different steps to get in progressively until you seat on the saddle, having water up to the waist. Once you’re all set, the 30 minutes start!


You can feel your legs working thanks to the bike’s resistance and the extra resistance of the water, on the top of the the jets’ massage. But aquacycling still remains a quite effortlessly effective exercise if I can say so. The sensations are very nice, making the 30 minutes very enjoyable, but you get nonetheless a decent legs workout.


You can keep your phone with you, listen to some music, watch a video or just enjoy the ride. I’ve even been told that iPads would be installed soon to make the experience even better!


Keep an eye on the dashboard as you can see there your progress in terms of calories burnt and of pedal rotations. Two buttons on the handlebars allow you to increase or decrease the bike’s resistance anytime through the session.


After burning almost 500 cal on my bike, I completed my session with a 30-minute Japanese sauna, where you can adjust the temperature of the mat, of the top part and on your legs. It gave me time to relax after significantly accelerating my heart rate on the bike and definitely provided a good sweat.


I had a great sleep at night and definitely felt the morning after that my legs had had a good workout.

As your head stays out of the water and the sauna, you get out of here with your hair still dry and your makeup intact! Considering on the top of it that there are no chemicals or anything added to the water, you can just dry yourself and go if you don’t have time for a shower. This makes it a great option for all of you busy bees!


All the cabins are single, but if you want to have a session with a friend for a friendly competition or just because it’s more fun, no problem. The door between 2 cabins can be opened for you to enjoy a duo session (of aquabike or Japanese sauna).


Thanks to partners they work with, Velocity also offers a variety of wellness packages including L’Occitane massages, Mr. Green Juice detox programs, Qi Beauty facial treatments and a Glow Discovery Health program managed by nutritionist and dietician Sally Shi Po Poon.


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Prices   Sports-Barbell-iconSports-Barbell-iconSports-Barbell-icon

EXPERIENCE* – Special intro offer for 1 session of aquabike or Japanese sauna: HK$280 (exp. in 1 month)

EXPERIENCE PLUS* – Special intro offer for 1 session of aquabike and Japanese sauna: HK$450 (exp. in 1 month)

BREATHE – Single session of aquabike or Japanese sauna: HK$485 (exp. in 1 month)

BLISS – Pack of 10 sessions of aquabike or Japanese sauna + 1 extra free: HK$4,850 (exp. in 3 months)

ACTIVE WELLNESS – Pack of 14 sessions of aquabike or Japanese sauna + 2 extra free: HK$6,790 (exp. in 5 months)

ACTIVE WELLNESS PRO – Pack of 30 sessions of aquabike or Japanese sauna + 8 extra free: HK$14,550 (exp. in 12 months)

*Until November 30th



14/F, Oliv, 15-21 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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