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Ursus Fitness, not your usual kind of gym!

Location Sai Ying Pun
Disciplines Circuit training, Strongman, Muay Thai, Boxing
Price Sports-Barbell-icon (scroll down for price details)
Open since October 2015


FullSizeRender“Ursus” meaning “bear” in Latin, that’s the emblem of the gym. I know, a bit intimidating…

But never mind. A wild animal can’t stand between a good workout and a fitness junkie!


Beer kegs   FullSizeRender_1

3000 square feet in the heart of Sai Ying Pun, where you can find some unexpected equipment mixed with barbells, squat racks and a boxing ring in an industrial decor: welcome in the bear’s den.

IMG_3809   IMG_3807

The Bear Camp, emblematic class of the gym, is a circuit class, for all-comers, mixing strength and cardio. Great workout, making the whole body work and a great fun!

The Ursus Fit class is more on the HIIT/conditioning side of things, going lighter on weights but faster to reach that high intensity that will boost your metabolism.

If you’re ready to go heavy, try the Strongman class. Big weights (for less reps) are waiting for you there in a very supportive atmosphere. Push your boundaries, believe me, you’ll be surprised by what you can actually do… yes, you girls too!

IMG_3823   IMG_3864   IMG_3867



Ursus Fitness doesn’t challenge you in the conventional way. Get ready to train with new things: tractor tires, sledgehammers, beer kegs… But my preference went to the “Conan wheel”, heavy metal structure you have to spin.

Then you’ll know how Conan The Barbarian was feeling: strong and badass!


You can also go there for Powerlifting, Muay Thai and Boxing. Impossible not to find something for you with such a diversity!

Not much time? No problem. Go for the “turbo” classes, held in a 45 min format, ideal at lunch time.

IMG_8131Don’t be too impressed by the place’s character. This one of a kind gym is also the friendliest kind of place.

With solid experience and enthusiasm, coaches assist you to reach your goals and maximum potential, by the right challenge. No matter their level and abilities, men, women and teens are welcome. So bring your tribe!


How did I feel there?

First word coming to my mind is STRONG! It is quite intimidating to show up in a new place, let alone training with equipment you’ve never seen in your life… But I loved it.

I had no idea I could take to my shoulders a beer keg of 25 kg (in the Bear Camp class), lift from the floor a 50 kg stone or flip a 220 kg tire (in the Strongman class) and it was an awesome feeling.

Being “the new kid” in the Strongman class has never been so easy as the strong guys there and coaches were the most supportive and encouraging: overall one of the most fun workouts I’ve ever had.

so much fun


Prices   Sports-Barbell-icon

Class drop-in: HK$250, HK$180 for teens

Package of 12 sessions: HK$1,800 (1 month) or HK$2,400 (2 months)

Unlimited 3 / 12 months: HK$5,900 / HK$21,000


Ursus Fitness

Unit 2-4, 64-68 Pok Fu Lam Rd, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong



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