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7 tips to get your butt to the gym

There we are! The New Year is here and it’s time for the new resolutions or just to get back to a healthier lifestyle after the holidays season’s indulgence. As it can be quite challenging to get back on track, here are a few tips that can help…


1. Have a plan 

Set a goal and write it down… on paper! Seeing it in your own handwriting is much more powerful and gets you more committed. Choose something you can actually check in: a distance to run, a yoga pose to master, a weight to lift, whatever works for you. And while you’re at it, write mid-goals too, not to feel discouraged on the way.

Once you have the goal clear, make a concrete plan to reach it: a number of weekly sessions, cutting down some foods to only once a week… The more precise the better.

military strategy


2. Make yourself “accountable”

Being consistent is key, whether to make your gym membership worth it or to reach your goal. Bonus: the more you go, the more you’ll feel comfortable there! So…

Find buddies! They’re a strong support and they make it much more fun. Training with a friend or crew will not only make your training time more enjoyable, and will also erase that overwhelming feeling you can get showing up alone and make you more accountable as you won’t want to let them down.

group workout

Talk about your goals can be another way to make yourself accountable and get precious support. You can do it with your friends and family, or join an online fitness community for example.


3. Track your progress and celebrate mini victories

The road is paved of baby steps and all of them count. So reward yourself!

Fan of some series? Wait till you completed the number of sessions you wanted to watch the latest episode. Dreaming of a new handbag? Rate it in pounds lost or kilos lifted. You got the idea.


Why not involving your significant others? Celebrations always taste better when they’re shared.


4. Be prepared


Let’s face it: nothing in life is happening by total magic (I know, it’s a shame)… It always requires a bit of work and preparation. So be prepared for your next session!

Plan your outfit, that you’re excited to wear! Leggings and tank, but also a cool water bottle, hairband, training gloves… whatever you like.

We perform better when we feel good in what we’re wearing, so go for it: dress as if your gym crush could show up at any moment, to find you planking or squatting in your best attire (double win if they do)! If you want some ideas, we got your back, just head there.

so fabulous


5. Don’t miss the call

For those working out in the morning, getting up can sometimes be quite a struggle, we all have those days… But now there’s Kiwake!

For HK$ 8 (holiday promotion price!), download this app and stop snoozing for good!

It will require you to take a photo of something (far from your bed) you previously chose and complete a quick mini-game to dismiss the customized alarm. No snooze button there. You can even finish that wake-up process by listing/reviewing your goals.

Believe me, going back to sleep after hitting a button is one thing but after getting up and figuring out how to take a picture, waking up brain and body in the process, is a totally different thing. Yes, it is annoying… but it works!


6. Make training time your (stress-free) time

Working out at the gym versus home has proven psychological benefits. Making it a stress-free zone will only enhance them and your performance at the same time.

So get yourself in the right mindset, get in the zone. Silence your phone and its constant notifications, listen to your favorite music, forget work and annoying people in your life…

GIF get ouf of there

The world will not collapse, everything else can wait for an hour or two, promised. So unwind and go get that inner peace feeling. It will also benefit other areas of your life!


7. Use social media SMARTLY

Inspiration, yes. Pressure, no. I see you stalking fitness models or star trainers on Instagram while eating crisps/cookies on your sofa, yes you!

Take social media as a game. Everybody shows their top days and none of the down days. Know it and use it to your advantage.

Follow those who inspire you and lift you but never forget they’re only humans, they’ve been the new kid, they’ve been beginners and they have days in struggle city too. So don’t let that bring you down when it happens to you.

A good trick can be to go for “real” people, the ones you can actually meet (maybe even here in Hong Kong!) and are a great source of inspiration, like them for example.


And remember… Have fun! Life is far too short not to.

Don’t worry, over time, motivation becomes natural as the brain associates exercise with the surge of endorphin. Once there, the amazing feeling you have post-workout will itself be the reward and you won’t even need the treat.

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