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REVIV: a new way to get supplements, boost recovery and therefore performance

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Open since June 2016

REVIV was founded by a group of Emergency Physicians with a solid clinical experience. Through research and education, they created proprietary IV infusions and vitamin & nutrient booster shots adapted to a variety of wellness needs and pioneering the foundation for the future of wellness. They have today 12 centres all over the world in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Why is the needle the best way?

Having a perfectly balanced and varied diet to bring you all the nutrients and vitamins you need would, of course, be ideal, but it’s not easy… Is it actually even possible nowadays (and furthermore living in Hong Kong)?! This gets even more challenging when you train hard on the top of the stressful HK life. That’s why supplementing is key to an optimal health and performance and that’s how pills entered our kitchens: vitamin C, B12, omega 3/6/9, zinc, etc.

All is a great idea to improve your guts health, support your digestive and immune system, among other things. But the problem is that – unless you go through some serious and regular blood work – it’s very hard to assess the fraction your body really gets from this oral supplementation.

IV solves that problem, providing fluids and nutrients directly to the target organs and cells through blood. Same idea for booster shots: no more gastrointestinal tract to pass with variable absorption; booster injections deliver essential elements directly into the body and produce a reservoir for continuous release.

What’s in the REVIV IV treatments and why? 

Each signature IV treatment is a very specific infusion of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients, targeting different needs by replenishing hydration, aiding recovery, restoring vitamin & nutrient levels, refreshing cosmetic appearance and revitalizing overall well-being.

Hydromax: hydration IV, packed with antioxidants, replenishing electrolytes, ideal to fight dehydration or sunburns and helps improve athletic performance.

Ultraviv: helping recovery in case of cold, flu-like illness and allergies, relieving pain and nausea. It can even cure a hangover!

Megaboost: to recharge your system, boosting your energy level for an optimal productivity.

Vitaglow: the beauty IV, with an anti-aging mix (glutathione and vitamin C) to detox against free radicals, impurities and to rejuvenate skin and body.

Royal Flush: the deluxe IV, combining Hydromax and Ultraviv, for maximum cleanse and wellness, to help you look and feel your best.

What are the benefits of REVIV booster shots?

Those intramuscular injections are extremely fast to deliver but with long lasting benefits: enhancing metabolism and boosting energy, helping healthy weight loss and power for your fitness regimen. The effects become noticeable gradually and develop fully over time, with results persisting for several days.

Vitamin B12: essential for a normal body function, it helps sleep, mood and appetite; pure energy booster.

Slimboost: blend of vitamins, amino acids and metabolic fat burners to boost energy, fitness and natural weight loss.

Glutathione: master antioxidant to detoxify your body and promote healing, enhancing vibrancy and healthy skin appearance with overall wellness.

CoQ10+: to improve cardiovascular health, help muscle recovery, feel the energy and get a power boost.

The day on which I pushed REVIV’s door… and the days after!

Let me set the scene… On a gloomy day, I walked in totally drained as I had been working long hours for days before that, preparing a very big and important project. So that means a lot of stress too, not much sleep and not the best diet either as I didn’t really have time for proper meals. To top it off, I was sore from heavy training and had just seriously sprained my ankle, so I was quite in pain as well.

I discovered a place much closer to a wellness spa than a clinic: modern design, bright and comfortable.

Then I met a very welcoming and professional team. So I instantaneously felt in good hands and relaxed.

After a presentation of treatments and recommendation on what would be best for me, I first filled in the medical questionnaire, before having my vitals checked by the head nurse, Sarah (she’d immediately send you to their appointed doctor if any doubt). Only then, I got a CoQ10+ booster shot and the Megaboost IV.

I’m not scared of needles so that was not a concern, but if ever it is, Sarah is the best! She’ll make you feel comfortable and, knowing her job by heart, it will be fast and painless, I promise.

The Megaboost IV contains essential vitamins (including B12), minerals and antioxidants, making it the best option for maintenance of health and vigor, to recharge your system for maximum energy and productivity.

Once the IV is on, you just have to relax in one of their amazing chairs or sofa (private room available). Instead of an average 30-45 min, my body emptied the bag (1 liter) in 20 min, a sign that it needed it!

Just a few hours after, the first thing I noticed was clarity. It was becoming hard for me to focus and function properly, especially after 2-3 pm, but on that day and the days after I felt much more awake, able to focus and efficient, maximizing my productivity, as promised. A lot of stress was also making my nights a bit hectic and I had a very good sleep the nights after.

So I’d say it helped my body “getting back on track”. I definitely felt refreshed,  hydration restored, the energy boost and the detox effect.

The CoQ10+ booster shot contains co-enzyme Q10 and vitamins to provide a power boost to tackle the toughest physical activity and promote recovery.

Recommended for fitness enhancement and recuperation, it works perfectly with the Megaboost IV as it provides you benefits in the longer run (5 to 10 days):

  • produces energy for cell growth and maintenance
  • protects body from harmful toxins
  • boosts immune system
  • anti-aging benefits
  • maintains cardiovascular health
  • detoxifies the body and reduces stress

After trying it alone a few weeks later on a very sore body (hello leg day after 10 days off!), I could observe the benefits of this shot by itself. Recovery was definitely enhanced and faster, allowing me to push harder at training in the days after, without that exhaustion feeling you have when you train a very tired body. It was then much easier to get back to my usual level and intensity of training after a break.

Prices $$$

Intramuscular injections (booster shots): HK$298 to HK$598

Vitamin infusions (IV): HK$1,798 to HK$3,998

REVIV also offers packs:

  • the sports pack named “POWER PACK” includes 3 IV and 6 booster shots for HK$6,000
  • the beauty or wellness packs include 6 IV and 6 booster shots for HK$15,000


Suite 2202, 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong

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