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Location Causeway Bay
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Service Cryotherapy treatments on whole body, localized or facial
Open since May 2016


The benefits of cryotherapy can be classified in 3 categories:

1- HEALTH & WELLNESS: relieves pain, reduces inflammation, improves post-surgery recovery, reduces fatigue, insomnia, migraines, stress, fights jet lag, boosts immune system.

2- SPORTS AND FITNESS: speeds up and improves recovery, reduces soreness and inflammation, enhances energy and endorphin release, improves muscle activation, boosts metabolism.

3- BEAUTY AND ANTI-AGING: improves skin condition, reducing blemishes, acne, psoriasis, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing cellulite, boosts collagen production, reducing signs of aging.


Cryotherapy can be used on the whole body to recover and energize, localized (cryo stimulation) to relieve a pain or through a facial (cryo facial) treatment to rejuvenate.




The test: whole body cryotherapy

You’ll get in the cryosauna wearing only your underwear bottom, nipple patches (you don’t want to forget those!), special gloves, socks and shoes. So the first step is to change into a fluffy Polaris robe, for your vitals to be checked before the session.


Once your therapist is sure that everything is ok and you’re equipped with gloves and shoes, you get into the cryosauna and take your robe off.


The treatment lasts 3 minutes only, the cryosauna being progressively filled with nitrogen gas to lower the temperature. It can go as low as between -90° and -180°C. But no worries, you’ll probably not go that low on your first time.


Your therapist stays with you all the time, checking how you feel, making sure you move your legs, make a quarter turn regularly and get your hands in when you’re ready. So he’ll only set the temperature as low as you can handle it.


To the question “is it cold?”, the answer is yes. If you wonder if some of your body parts will freeze, maybe it’s time to slow down on horror movies…

In terms of benefits, one session was enough to relieve strong muscle soreness and significantly alleviate a regular shoulder pain. Later, a single session cured jet lag effects, helping me to get a good night and get back on track in no time.


Like any therapy, you get the best of it by repeating sessions regularly with a proper personal follow-up. So I also had the occasion to observe deeper and longer lasting effects, getting regular sessions on a few weeks. Of course, the benefits on soreness and shoulder (or other) pain were still there, but it also allowed me to push much harder at training as it was increasing my energy levels.



Cryo stimulation and cryo facials also use cool dry nitrogen, but released on targeted areas, with different levels, to help relieve tendonitis, tone skin, treat acne, wrinkles or scars or even cure a severe hangover!

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Want to try? Well, that’s a perfect timing then, because we’re inviting you there for the very first V fit stories event next week!

Join us at Polaris for a bite, a drink, a chat, but above all for a free trial and some goodies!!! You have all the info here after, let us know if you can make it at, we’re looking forward to seeing you there!



Prices   Sports-Barbell-iconSports-Barbell-iconSports-Barbell-icon

Polaris offers packages including different numbers of sessions, to be used on 6 or 12 months, prices decreasing according to the number of sessions included.

An average price list would bring the price per session to:

HK$650 for the whole body cryotherapy

HK$500 for the cryo facial

HK$450 for the cryo stimulation



10/F, Lee Theatre, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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