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Pinnacle eAt: nutrition made easy and taste buds made happy!

Location Online service, HK based
Price  $$ (scroll down for price details)
Products Healthy, macro controlled meal delivery
Created in September 2016 – for the current meal delivery service


Training regularly and seriously, you can go as hard as you want in the gym, if your nutrition is not under control, forget about the gains. Let alone competition time, that requires it to be precisely on point.

Food shopping, meal prepping, assembling ingredients to match your macros, carrying your lunch box to the office every day… All this is time, energy and stress. I used to devote hours to this every weekend to be (approximately) ready for the week. Then I tried meal delivery!


There are several companies in Hong Kong with different options and prices. Considering you want it to be reliable, affordable and tasty, and after trying a few, let me explain why/how Pinnacle eAt stands out.


How does it work?

Pinnacle eAt is the meal delivery service of Pinnacle Performance gym – perfect complement to their nutrition consultation service – but not only available to the gym members.

img_4971Pinnacle eAt offers 2 meals per day delivered to your door from Monday to Friday, for 2, 6 or 10 weeks.

Traveling? You can “bank” meals in order to freeze delivery & roll meals over to another day. Bank holiday on a weekday? You’ll get your meals the day before.

The offer is divided into meals for Mr. & Mrs. Pinnacle eAt: 2,200 calories for him and 1,800 calories for her per day. That’s 600 calories for her and 750 calories for him per box.

Looking at macros, it covers between 40 | 40 | 20 and 30 | 40 | 30 of protein/carbs/fats, depending on individual requirements and preferences.


During your plan, you’re added to the private Pinnacle eAt Facebook group, where all information, menus and updates are posted AND where the chef shares with you some of his yummy recipes!

bags new-box-2

A little + we really like: no nasty plastic, all boxes and bags are biodegradable! Listening to their customers’ feedback, they’ve recently upgraded to new boxes, still environment-friendly but a bit stronger and safer.

img_5930 img_5933

Who’s cooking for you?

The man who will save your gains and taste buds: Head Chef Morgan Chang.

Chef Morgan

Although cooking and food have always been his passion, he first took another professional route, before starting doing what he loves in a restaurant in Wan Chai in 2014. He worked his way up fast there, cooked in another restaurant and then became Head Chef for a previous nutrition company.

He’s now bringing his knowledge and talent to Pinnacle eAt. Curious by nature and continuously inspired by the local cuisine everywhere he travels, you won’t be disappointed by his creations!

img_5388  chicken-peppers-quinoa


My test

img_4787First of all, the menu changes every single week. That was important to me as I’m definitely not ready to sacrifice taste and variety, no matter how hard I want the gains! I also loved having the menu of the week ahead to know what I’ll have when.

I chose to have my boxes delivered at the office. Tucked into the fridge, I just had then to check the smart labels to make my choice and enjoy!


img_4970 img_5387

You’re enjoying the best ingredients: grass-fed beef, cage-free chicken, organic vegetables and everything is cooked on the day so food couldn’t be fresher. Therefore, consuming a meal the day after if you want is not a problem.

fullsizerender_4 fullsizerender_3 fullsizerender_2 fullsizerender_1

Always available for any question you’d have, the Chef also gives you advice on which meal you should have first or how to heat it up on the Facebook group for you to enjoy all the flavors of his recipes.

img_4814 img_4961

Meals were perfectly seasoned and flavors perfectly balanced. Hard to believe you initially joined to keep your diet on track!

In fact, the food was so good, that it’s hard for me to choose a “winner” in the dishes I tried. But if I have to pick favorites, those two were amazing: the salmon with mango salsa, leeks and grilled asparagus and the rosemary honey glazed turkey with roasted Brussels sprouts and fregula… not to mention that my mum wouldn’t believe someone made me eat Brussels sprouts without threatening me!

img_4975 fullsizerender

To sum up, I’ll definitely be back on Pinnacle eAt and probably more for the food than for my diet. Thank you Chef Morgan!


Prices $$

2 weeks is HK$2,695 for him or HK$2,495 for her (HK$135 / HK$125 per meal)

6 weeks is HK$6,495 for him or HK$5,795 for her (HK$108 / HK$97 per meal)

10 weeks is HK$9,945 for him or HK$8,695 for her (HK$99 / HK$87 per meal)

Order confirmation and payment required 2 business days before your starting date


Pinnacle eAt


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