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Former racers’ top tips and a discount code: you’re ready for the Spartan Race 2017!

November 2016 was the very first edition of the Spartan Race in Hong Kong. With more than 6,000 Spartans, it’s been a great success and let’s hope it made you hungry for more, because the ultimate obstacle race is back for a second edition! It will be at Kam Tin Country Club, Yuen Long on April 22nd.

Good news: they have even more in store for all the competitors to push their limits. The 2017 edition will include new race categories.

Spartan Junior Race – New category in Hong Kong, welcoming children between 4 and 13 to their very own obstacles race. They’ll run, jump, crawl, climb and test their athletic abilities, in a very fun and engaging course.

Spartan Open Race – This category, already there in 2016, is open to all … It allows you to help your teammates when they struggle, so it’s considered a bit more “relaxed” and should probably be your best choice if it’s your first obstacle race and/or you’re doing it more for the fun than the performance.

Spartan Competitive Race – New category, divided into 6 age categories, bridging the gap between the Elite and the Open, introduced in 2016. Competitive racers start right after the Elite ones and follow the same rules and course (no help allowed here).

Spartan Elite Race – This category, here in 2016, is the first to start in the morning and gathers serious competitors. Elite racers are not here to mess around!

So, are you in? Whether you are or you’re still thinking, we thought a bit of experience could help, so we talked to a few of the awesome HK fitness enthusiasts who ran the race in 2016. Some of them ran the Open and some of them ran the Elite, just for the fun or for the performance, but all of them have tips for you about training, the days before of the day of the race.

Good news is that all of them had so much fun that they’d do it again unhesitatingly (some of them are already in for this April)!


Stephanie Vo Cong – Spartan Elite Race, 3rd place finish in women category in 51’00

Usual training regimen: CrossFit 5 times a week (competitors program, 2-3 hours per session)

” Your training for the race should include some running, weight training and gymnastics. You’ll have to run a lot on the day on flat, hills or in the mud. So trail running would be best. You should also be able to perform a few pull ups as there are a lot of pulling movements such as rope climbs, wall jumps, Hercules hoist etc…

Just before the race: eat lots of food (protein, carbs, fibers) the week before, sleep well the night before, warm up properly in the morning right before the race.

During the race, pace yourself. No need to sprint at the start, it’s a long race. I know the adrenaline kicks in and everyone is, but they will die down and you will pass them. Keep moving at a steady pace and have fun!”


Jayne So – Spartan Elite Race

Usual training regimen: CrossFit 5 times a week

“In terms of training, I may not be the best to give tips as I had the worst prep ever… It was a crazy month of work and no sleep, with minimal CrossFit and
irregular meals. So here are a few tips for busy people, not sure they can train really regularly before the race!

If you have no time for a proper regular training, take time for a few “stimulation” sessions before the race in which you try to “imitate” the obstacles (e.g. heavy medicine balls/rope climbing). The more the better but I’d say, aim for at least once or twice to know how it feels (and improve if possible!). If you have a minimal base of strength/fitness, it won’t feel too bad.

It goes without saying but a good night’s sleep and meal before really fuels.

On the day, wear knee sleeves on the race (or 3/4 length leggings). They help when you crawl above the mud!”


Evelyn Chin – Spartan Open Race

Usual training regimen: Muay Thai once-twice a week, running once a week, circuit twice a week

“Do not only build up your strength, but research for different techniques! It will save you time and energy!”


Tania Cazarim – Spartan Open Race

Usual training regimen: weightlifting 3-4 times a week, dragon boat twice a week, running 3-4 times a week.

“Mentally prepare. My biggest tool is visualizing my race. Including every small detail. I think about a perfect race and achieving my goals, it helps to keep my mind calm and focused.”


David Hughes – Spartan Open Race

Usual training regimen: weight training 4 times a week, strongman twice a week, running twice a week.

“Work on upper body strength, a lot of the obstacles tend to involve some form of grip strength and/or arm strength: monkey bars, rings, rope climb, bucket carry, Javelin throw…

The other most immediate (and perhaps important!) tip is do your cardio! Remember to implement jogging into your training, you’ll spend a fair amount of time jogging from one obstacle to the next, so find a pace that suits you and allows you to recover in time for the next obstacle.
Last but not least, bring an old pair of trainers you don’t care about!”


Now you got the best advice, so just in case you need an extra push, we even have a discount for you! You’ll get 10% off with the discount code Vfitstories (expiring on April 22nd). So what are you waiting for to grab you ticket?!


Spartan Elite Race: HK$1,190

Spartan Competitive Race: HK$990

Spartan Competitive Race for 11-13 years old kids: HK$490

Spartan Open Race: HK$790 until March 22nd / HK$890 thereafter

Spartan Junior Race: HK$320 until March 22nd / HK$420 thereafter

Spartan Race Spectator: HK$50


More info on Spartan Race’s website, Facebook or Instagram page.



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