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Our launch party at Polaris


A lot of you joined us on November 24th to officially celebrate the launch of V fit stories fitness blog at Polaris. We wanted to thank you all for attending and for your support. It was absolutely lovely to see you all there having fun, mingling, and giving a try to cryotherapy on us there! 🙂

A few special thanks to our partners, for making this special night possible…


Polaris, thank you for having us and giving our guests the opportunity to try cryotherapy for free.

Pinnacle eAt, thank you for feeding us with your amazing savory, tasty and healthy bites.


Bad Food Gone Good, thank you for satisfying our sweet tooth with your Paleo friendly, free from gluten, grains, dairy, refined sugars and preservatives treats… and thank you for this amazing cake!

img_0011 img_0046 img_0090 img_0092


A massive thanks as well to our local fitness industry for your support and guests representing Whatever It Takes Hong Kong, Warrior Muay Thai and Warrior Academy, Strength CultureCoastal Fitness, Reviv, XYZ, IMPI, Spartan Race Honk Kong, CrossFit Cavaliers.

img_0070img_0179img_0190img_0201img_0048img_0033img_0063 img_0154img_0187

We were so glad to see some of you try the whole body cryotherapy there. Your funny faces experiencing the cold and smiles totally made our night!

img_0080  img_0114   img_0131   img_0143 img_0222 img_0229 img_0241


But above all, it was the best feeling ever to see you all have fun, to meet some of you for the first time and have your feedback on the blog, what you like there (or not!) and what you’d like so read about.

img_0015 img_0019 img_0044 img_0049 img_0056 img_0057 img_0064 img_0113 img_0147 img_0160 img_0163 img_0168 img_0171 img_0173 img_0176 img_0178 img_0181 img_0195 img_0198 img_0201 img_0214 img_0216 img_0250

We can’t wait to have another occasion to get together for another celebration with you guys!



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