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Hong Kong Sports Clinic’s multidisciplinary approach

Location Central
Services Physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, sports massage, running/postural assessment, stretch, sports specific strengthening, exercise classes, stability training
Price $$$ (scroll down for price details)
Opened in 2014 (new location since August)


When you love sports and training, a sports clinic is a place that you wish you’d never have to visit. But at the same time, you know you’ll most probably have to, sooner or later. So you want it to have a comprehensive offer, provide quality services, employ a friendly staff and all that not costing an arm

I don’t know about you, but personally, I’m always a bit lost when physical pain shows up. Should I see a physiotherapist? an osteopath? a chiropractor? an exercise physiologist? maybe an acupuncturist? or go for some cupping?

Once you know (or just randomly choose)… Who? Why this one? Are they gonna fix me? How long is it gonna take? How much is it gonna cost to get there?

Trust is a big factor too because it’s like having a laptop that doesn’t switch on or a car that just doesn’t start. Once you hear the diagnosis (and price) of your IT or your mechanic, there’s not much you can do to check if it’s accurate…

So I pushed the door of the Hong Kong Sports Clinic, hoping to find answers and a place I can trust to solve my problems when I have some.


What kind of services does the Hong Kong Sports Clinic provide?

The list is quite long but they basically built a comprehensive offer that allows them to find a solution for you no matter what your pain is, how old you are, what physical activity you practice or not. They have a team covering all needed skills.

“To be a good therapist, you’d have to know all those jobs” says Joseph March, founder and principal physiotherapist of the Hong Sports Clinic.

Concept wise, they’re very exercise focused – there’s even a mini gym inside the clinic! – and put the human relationship at the center. That’s why they always involve the patient in the process. It means they’d encourage you to own your issue and practice self-healing, giving you small exercises to do or options to modify your training to help for example.

They can even work with you in a preventive way for the pain not to happen: with sports specific strengthening, sports & remedial massage, corporate physiotherapy & ergonomy, or postural correction for instance. The main source of pain is imbalances – hint: we all have some – so they believe a lot in pre-hab, correcting them before they lead to discomfort and then pain.

“A lot of people wait for a pain to show up before coming to us. Fixing 20% of the problem makes the pain go away in most cases, but it’s still there! I wish more people would be willing to work on their imbalances before feeling that pain. It would benefit them so much every day: sitting better, moving better, sleeping better… It’s also very rewarding for us as it’s basically helping people improving their life!” says Joseph March


Experiencing the benefits of their multidisciplinary approach

Not experiencing any sharp pain at the time, I went to the clinic for an assessment of my body’s imbalances and how to correct them. As a background, I had a severe right ankle injury last year (occurring pain for 9 months) that I didn’t properly rehab and an on-and-off pain in my left shoulder the last 3 years (treated several times in several ways but never completely removed).

I had a joint session with Joseph March – physiotherapist – and Elaine Leung – chiropractor. They’re both great professionals, that I honestly could listen to for hours, talking about the human body, how it works, its typical dysfunctions, how to fix them… Knowledge bombs at every single sentence!

First, both asked me to explain why I was there, my physical background and current activity. Then came an active observation phase (different for each of them), then treatment and finally advice/recommendations for the next hours/days/weeks/life. The only thing you need to have with you is an outfit in which you’re comfortable moving and being manipulated.

First, 30 minutes with the physiotherapist

Joseph filmed me doing some exercises in the clinic’s gym (back squats, overhead squats, push-ups) and then made me take some precise positions to observe my body’s natural reactions. He showed me what was “off” in my natural body positions, and explained what he was going to work on.

Then came the treatment: deep tissue work, uncomfortable but efficient. The after-treatment videos et positions were dramatically different! We finished the session back in the gym, for him to show me a few exercises to work on my issues before my next appointment.

Then, 30 minutes with the chiropractor

Elaine started by explaining what a chiropractor does and has studied (which was much appreciated by a novice like me!): hands-on spinal manipulation to realign the body’s musculoskeletal structure and thus, restore all communication between the brain and the muscles through the nervous system.

She observed me, looking at me standing, checking my range of motion on some basic movements and made me lie down to observe with her hands. She made me feel the difference when she was touching a muscle or another, for me to understand where the “blockages” were.

Then came the treatment: using different positions to get little “cracks” releasing the pressure in various places. Elaine finished the session showing me the difference touching those areas, explaining how I’d feel in the next hours and giving me some advice to improve my training and recovery.


To sum up…

The bad news: the two problems explained earlier have unbalanced my body, creating bad postures and habits to compensate.

The good news: three of those joint sessions made me feel much better, improved my mobility and boosted my lifting performance. But above all, this made me much smarter in my way to apprehend movement and increased my body awareness.

I would DEFINITELY recommend to anyone, no matter what’s their level of physical activity, to pay a visit to those guys, and even more, if you’re active. Physical activity is great for your body but no one is moving perfectly, being 100% balanced. Not being aware of your imbalances and how to correct them could lead you to very unpleasant consequences and maybe sharp pain one day. Trust me, no need to wait.


Prices $$$

HK$1,100 the one-hour session


Hong Kong Sports Clinic

4/F, 10 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong

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