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8 bad gym habits we’re all guilty of

Because we’re all lazy, in a rush, selfish, silly… Some of those may ring a bell. It’s ok to admit it fitties, nobody’s perfect! 😉


1. Skipping warmup, and/or stretching

Lifting heavy or making your heart pump is great but guess what will happen when you lose all mobility or get injured? That’s right, no more lifting.


2. Doing the same exercise/routine repeatedly because you like it/you wanna get good at it

You will become better at it, no doubt, because your body will adapt. That’s called exercise adaptation. But to get fit(ter) you need to go for new stuff all the time and therefore becoming comfortable being uncomfortable in new challenges (new exercises, routines, weights…). Not to mention how boring this might get!


3. Asking other people to take pictures of you, training

You want to update your Instagram, we get it. But hey, Christmas is coming! Time to get yourself a mobile tripod and a Bluetooth wireless remote (or just learn how to use the camera timer).


4. Taking aaaaaalllll your time in the shower

Is it really the best time and place to shave, scrub, get a hair mask? Just asking.


5. Taking more towels than you actually need

Do we really need to tell you about the environment again?


6. Having the feeling you deserve more food because you just trained

You know that adage about abs being made in the kitchen right? Hint: it doesn’t mean you must do crunches on your kitchen’s floor…


7. Not going if you don’t have time for a “proper” (long) session

35 minutes, if you know what to do and you challenge yourself properly are totally enough… and much better than nothing “because you didn’t have enough time”.


8. Being a prisoner of your own gym habits

You’re used to training with your music, sipping on your BCAA… Forget your water bottle or your earphones and game over. A little bit of work on those adaptation skills maybe?…


Do you have other bad gym habits?…

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