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Which crazy sports person are you?

Have you ever been called crazy by your family or colleagues for training “so much”? Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes quite exasperating. But one thing is for sure: whether it’s at the gym, in the park or on the field, there actually are a few crazy sports people… So which one are you?!


1. The optimist guy

2. The guy into squats (or trying)

3. The girl who just can’t let go (of the bar)

4. The girl who has rhythm

5. The guy who has no time to sit

6. The guy who overestimated his flexibility

7. The guy coming down to earth with a bang

8. The guy who thinks he can just do it again

9. The guy who thought parkour would be easy

10. The girl who wanted to cause a sensation

11. The guy who gets off to a good start, not

12. The girl with funny feet


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