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You knew TORQ for spinning, discover it for their RELEASE class

Location Central
Disciplines Spinning, circuit, rolling/stretching
Price $$ (scroll down for price details)
Open since 2013


I know what you think: TORQ is a spinning place. And you’re right. But not only! They’ve launched last May a SWITCH class and a RELEASE class.

SWITCH is a circuit class to make you burn calories, using free weights, sandbags, TRX, kettlebells, ViPR… RELEASE is a class to help you unwind and stretch the body, using a foam roller and dynamic stretching.

Let’s face it, weight lifting and high-intensity training are great of course, but they make the body quite stiff. Add to it all the time a lot of us spend sitting at the office and unlocking all this becomes a vital necessity (and important to avoid pain and injuries).

My instructor was Raul Bravo. I had never had a class with Raul before so I can’t say how he is when it comes to spinning or circuit, but I did find him perfect for this RELEASE class. He showed just the right calm connected energy, was explaining the positions and movements perfectly and made us laugh a few times when some of us were cringing when rolling sore muscles.

Originally from Mexico, armed with a wealth of fitness experience and knowledge, Raul has a passion for body movement and mobility and knows how to use it to help you. The website mentions in his bio, amongst other things, that he’s “making your fitness journey engaging, fun and quietly torturous”. I have to agree with all that!

I use my foam roller and various massage balls at home or the gym’s ones quite regularly to unlock the jammed areas of my body and it’s never an enjoyable experience. So not enjoyable that I probably don’t do it deep and long enough, not to mention that I “forget” some areas. I only do it for the benefits of it and for how better I feel after doing it.

Taking part to a class like RELEASE is definitely helping because you’ll be rolling all parts of your body and guided to do it properly. But no, still no miracles, rolling a sore/knotted muscle will never be a nice feeling I’m afraid.

So through the class, you’ll roll all muscles from your neck to your lats, hips or calves. You’ll be explained how to roll them and how to do it harder if they’re tighter in a specific area. I found it quite impressive to feel my body relaxing through the class, one muscle after another and that total release feeling at the end made the pain through it worth it.


Prices $$

TRIAL 1 class + 1 free: HK$280 (2 weeks validity)

1 / 5 classes: HK$280 / HK$1,350 (2 weeks validity)

10 / 15 / 20 classes + 1 / 2 / 3 free: HK$2,800 / HK$4,200 / HK$5,600 (3 months validity)

1 / 2 / 3 months unlimited: HK$2,500 / HK$4,800 / HK$6,900



3/F, Abdoolally House, 20 Stanley Street, CentralCauseway Bay, Hong Kong


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