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Tizzy Shots, small but mighty ginger shots

Location Online shop (HK based) + various points of sale
Price $$ (scroll down for price details)
Products Organic, raw, cold-pressed ginger shots
Created in June 2017


Small in size but big in benefits: each mini bottle is 55 ml of an elixir that can be likened to a natural espresso for your mind and body. Tizzy Shots boost immunity, decrease inflammation and alkalize your body.

Cold-pressed and containing only raw, organic ingredients, they’re freshly made when you get them and you have then 5 days to consume them to get the best of them. Through personal relationships with farmers, Tizzy Shots are made using sustainably sourced ingredients, and in small batches.

There are 3 Tizzy Shots flavors:

  • CLASSIC GINGER – ginger juice, lemon juice, water, manuka honey
  • TURMERIC – ginger juice, turmeric juice, coconut milk, water, manuka honey, black pepper
  • CHARCOAL – ginger juice, water, manuka honey, activated charcoal

First and second ones are ideal for boosting your system and getting a good kick start.

CLASSIC GINGER is your best partner when it comes to beat a wide range of everyday little pains, from a common cold to post-training DOMS or morning sickness.

Coconut milk and black pepper added to TURMERIC make it easier for your body to absorb turmeric and get this superfood’s benefits, all-the-while benefiting from the ginger.

The soothing and cleansing CHARCOAL is ideal after a bad meal, when feeling bloated or fighting a stomach bug.


How do you Tizzy?

Each mini bottle actually contains 3 servings. But you can also have the full bottle as a shot if you like, there’s no such thing as ginger overdose!

If you want to have it through the day, a good combo would be in the morning in tea or warm water for example, when the after lunch slow-down shows up – by itself, just like an espresso – and to finish the day, mixed in your cocktail/mocktail. But once again, there’s no strict rule, you can just Tizzy as you like!

I gave it a (ginger) shot…

Adding a bit of ginger here and there to smoothies or other recipes is quite common in the end, but I had never had ginger shots. Presented as a good way to supplement a healthy lifestyle or a natural remedy after an indulgence, I couldn’t wait to try!

I was trying to get rid of a bad cough that had been sticking around for almost 3 weeks (the joys of living in Hong Kong…) and pretty tired due to the lack of sleep thanks to it. I had one shot per day for 3 consecutive days, tasting the 3 flavors.

Taste wise, the flavors are quite balanced. The lemon and turmeric in CLASSIC GINGER and TURMERIC shots are not “killing” the ginger but actually making a great mix, adding more flavor to its spice. I found the CHARCOAL still “gingery” of course but a little bit milder than the two other ones. All in all, I was a bit surprised by the spicy ginger taste at first, but got addicted very fast!

Regarding the benefits, I’m convinced there’s some magic in those mini bottles: my cough was almost gone after the 3 days (and totally after 2 more days) and I didn’t need my after-lunch coffee on those days.

In a few words, what is said on the website is totally correct: expect a zingy shot with a fiery kick!

My only problem was to actually get only a third of the bottle at a time. I ended up several times having half of it instead of a third when trying to get only one serving.

Want to try?

You can order Tizzy Shots on the website (3 or 6 mini bottles at a time) or buy Tizzy Shots at Bite Unite in Wan Chai and Home – Eat To Live in Central or other locations listed here.


Prices $$

HK$55 for a bottle

HK$165 for 3 bottles

HK$297 for 6 bottles (10% off)

Add HK$50 for delivery on HK Island or HK$80 in Kowloon.


Tizzy Shots


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