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9 tips to survive the holiday season

It can be tough to go through the festive season without going crazy on food, booze, sugar and all holidays’ temptations, and therefore losing all your gains and fitness level… But fear not fitties, we have tips for you!


1. Use smaller plates

Chances are you’ll eat way more calorie-dense food, so using smaller plates will help you keep your portions under control.


2. Binge on protein and fibers

Of course, you’ll have some of that pumpkin pie, it’s Christmas! But make sure you fill up on protein and fibers first, they’ll help you feel fuller longer and give you fuel for the day too.


3. Be present

The holiday season is obviously full of treats and not so light meals but before everything, it’s the occasion to slow down, spend time with your family and friends, reconnect with them, very often around good meals and comforting food. So enjoy that to the max. Spend time with them, talk with them, take your time: no TV during meals (that has been proven to encourage overeating) and no rush. Take the time to enjoy, to savor the smell and texture of food, to chew, to wait before grabbing seconds. The quicker we eat a meal, the less time we give our bodies to register fullness, so relax!


4. Go easy on booze

Not only is alcohol bad for your health, it also adds unnecessary calories and makes us lose our inhibitions around food too… Hello, second – third? – plate of dessert you’re not even hungry for! So if you want to celebrate with a bit of champagne, eggnog or anything else, go for it! But just do it with moderation.


5. Go for the tall and thin glasses

The tip here is totally similar to the one about smaller plates but for booze! Bonus: thin glasses are way more elegant anyway.


6. Listen to Lao Tzu: “When your cup is full, stop pouring” 

The truth is that we tend to forget about that basic rule of life (we’re lucky enough to!), that basically works for everything: food, booze, shopping, emotions… Being satisfied could be the key to happiness, so let’s get in touch with our satisfaction again!


7. Drink loads of water

No moderation on this one! It will keep you hydrated but also can satiate your appetite and prevent a possible hangover if you haven’t been very good on point 4.


8. Keep moving

Yes, finding a gym near grandma’s place and go every morning would be ideal for sure. But there’s not necessarily one and you’re also on holidays so a lie in, a nap, an afternoon Christmas movie with the family etc can be more tempting. That’s what holidays are for! And there are plenty of ways to move a bit more in your everyday life… Volunteer to go buy any missing item to the nearby grocery store. Walk the family dog. Take him for a walk in the forest with the family. Take your nephew out to play basketball, make a snowman or a snow fight!


9. Be serious with your sleep

If not on holidays, then when?! We know that sleep loss is linked to changes in appetite and getting enough sleep can definitely help losing – or just not gaining – weight. So do all you can to support a good sleep: have dinner early enough to digest before bedtime, don’t go to bed too late, turn off electronics in the bedroom… More tips for a good sleep here.


Any personal tips? Share them with us in the comments!

And don’t forget to enjoy and have fun… Happy Holidays fitties!


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