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LEAN & STRONG by Strength Culture: the benefits of a PT with the fun of a group class

Location Central
Discipline Strength and conditioning
Price $$ (scroll down for price details)
Launched in October 2016


The benefits of personal training + the benefits of a group class is the dream equation, but seems impossible to find on the market. I tried to create this myself for a while, mixing up a bit of both… But then I tried Strength Culture’s LEAN & STRONG program.



A small group of people, trained by experienced and knowledgeable trainersIan Nam and Denn Robles -, at a ratio of one trainer for 3-4 people max, 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7 am), through 6-week structured programs.

Every 6-week program includes a pre and a post-program assessment. If it’s a strength phase, assessments will be measured via weight lifted (strength gained). If it’s a metabolic phase, assessments will be measured via body analysis (measurements, % body fat). Through the 6 weeks, everything you lift is recorded, so your progress is tracked step by step anyway.

Training sessions are taking place at TOPFIT in Central (The Wellington, 3/F, 198 Wellington Street).


What you get… or not!

PT session’s training and coaching quality  
PT’s tracking, progress, results  
Group class’ fun  
Friendly training atmosphere  
One-to-one “pressure” of a PT session  
Figuring out what to do today when showing up at the gym  
Noise/confusion of a big gym or large group  
PT sessions’ (very) high price  



What does a session look like?

First of all, the pre-training warmup and post-training stretching are, hands down, the best I’ve had, especially in a group session! Smart and well-explained postures and movements, a proper work on mobility, making you physically – but also mentally! – ready for your session and keeps you away from paralyzing DOMs (but there will still be DOMs, have no illusion!).

LEAN & STRONG is a strength and conditioning training per se. So you’ll focus on strength first, and then conditioning at the end of the session to kill you make sure your metabolism is boosted and you burn the maximum calories.

An example of a leg day will take you through a first part focused on strength with 3 sets of:

  • 5 deadlifts + 10 broad jumps
  • 5 back squats + 10 vertical jumps
  • 5 weighted box step-ups each side + 10 single leg box jumps each side

Followed by conditioning with, for example, 3 sets (30 sec on/20 sec off) of:

  • jumping lunges
  • band sprints
  • walking bridges
  • in and out jumping squats


Is it for you?

Those programs are designed for teachable people, with a minimum of discipline. Trainers are very focused on technique and won’t let you lift heavier if you can’t perform an exercise with its proper technique, so you need to be willing to learn, put in the necessary effort and consistency.

In a few words, you need to be conscious that results are not magic. If your goal is to lose fat, for example, it requires focus, in and out of the gym. Because let’s be honest, a good training is key, of course, but – sorry to disappoint – no one can lose fat eating crap… Trust me, I tried (for the sake of science obviously!).

If you like your training and the satisfaction of getting results, new PBs, better technique etc. but you want to do it with a fun group of people, in a cool environment, LEAN & STRONG is for you. So get in touch with Strength Culture, grab your gym bag and join the next 6-week program starting next Monday (30 October)!


Prices $$

6-week training program including 3 training sessions a week and 2 full assessments: HK$6,300

Next program starting on October 30th and free trial session available


Strength Culture


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