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Created in June 2017


Finding the bag that will take you through a full day that includes work, out of office meetings, gym and a dinner out – all that in style – is a real challenge… But fear not, classy fit girls, Sparro Designs understood your needs!


They’ve just launched 3 sleek, strong and seriously smart bags to the rescue: the SIGNATURE, the SIGNATURE FLEX, and the CLASSIC. The two first ones are very similar, the only difference being the outer pocket, in leather or in neoprene like the bag’s body. The third one is a bit smaller, described as “the baby of the pack that still packs plenty of Sparro punch”.

Each model is available in 4 versions: black with gunmetal or rose gold attributes, grey with gunmetal attributes, blue with rose gold attributes.


I fell head over heels for the SIGNATURE in grey with gunmetal attributes, that I took through one of my typical busy days:

  • 6:30 am – leaving home
  • 7-8:30 am – gym, where I’ll shower and get ready
  • 9 am – office in Central
  • 1 pm – lunch with a friend
  • 2:30 pm – meeting at a client’s office in Causeway Bay
  • 5 pm – picking up documents at the printer in Sheung Wan
  • 5:30 pm – back to the office
  • 7:30 pm – romantic drinks and dinner out
  • 10:30 pm – back home

It passed the test with flying colors! My shoulder wasn’t destroyed, all my stuff fitted inside and there was no awkward moment due to some not so pleasant smell or underwear falling on the floor when I’m just trying to get a notebook (true story).


Let’s see what I could fit in there…

Laptop – in its padded compartment-, notebook, wallet, little makeup case: all in the back outer pocket. Octopus card, cards holder, keys, pen, earphones, phone, lip balm, and fan slipped into the front outer pocket.

Now what’s inside the bag? A little case (deodorant, face serum, moisturizer, and underwear), hair brush, skirt, top and shoes for the day. In a specific, heat-proof pocket built inside the bag, there’s also my hair straightener. A little extra case is even provided to keep coins, jewels or other small items.

And guess what? There’s still space!


After the gym, my sweaty outfit goes into the dirty laundry compartment, an antibacterial and water resistant zipped pocket. Trainers are tucked in the inner shoe shelf bag, hermetically closed. “Shelf ” because this compartment just makes the bottom of your bag a bit higher. No weird shape that makes it impossible to add anything else inside.

All that means no bad surprise in my bag during the day and still plenty of space for my water bottle and documents or other things.


To sum up, their hashtag #LifeInBag is spot on, and even if the SIGNATURE bag is a bit big (dimensions here after), it’s very comfortable to carry, and an amazing partner for any woman who works, and loves to workout.


Prices $$$

SIGNATURE / L 48 x H 37 x W 20.5 cm / 2.5 kg: HK$3,720 approx. (AUD 599)

SIGNATURE FLEX / L 48 x H 37 x W 20.5 cm / 2.1 kg: HK$3,105 approx. (AUD 499)

CLASSIC / L 31.5 x H 38 x W 15 cm / 1.5 kg: HK$2,480 approx. (AUD 399)

A flat shipping rate of HK$310 approx. (AUD 50) applies outside of Australia.


Sparro Designs

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