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Skydiving in Bangkok

Have you ever wanted to go skydiving in Hong Kong? Well, no need to try, you can’t. The closest place to do it? Bangkok.


The company Skydive Hong Kong is here to help. You can buy from them an all-inclusive weekend tandem skydiving package that includes flights to Bangkok, hotel for the weekend, driver to and from the drop zone and tandem skydive.

But you can also organize your own trip and buy only the tandem jump ticket that includes HD videos and photos. This is the option I chose, for a weekend in Bangkok with friends in December. One of the main advantages of doing it in Bangkok is that you’re not really limited by the season as the weather is pretty much good to do it anytime during the year.


We had booked a nice hotel in the city and Skydive Hong Kong helped us book the driver to take us from the hotel to the drop zone and then back. Thai Sky Adventures takes care of the jump itself there.

The weather was very clear that day, but quite windy. So when we arrived on the drop zone, we were explained that we would jump that day, but we may have to wait for a bit to do so, to make sure we were doing it in the best conditions. We had decided to arrive early (8:30 am), so it’s been quite a long wait as we finally jumped at 4:30 pm that day.


The drop zone is quite far out of the city so there’s not much to do around, but they do have a few things there to keep you busy: a nice pool (sadly we didn’t know, now you do, so take your bikini!), a playroom with sofas, TV, cards, and pool tables, and a cafe for food and drinks. But where we had the best fun was actually at the shooting range you can also find onsite.


Then our turn finally came and we got ready to jump, meeting our instructor, getting equipped and ready to go. A car takes you to the plane, that will reach the highest altitude permitted by the local air traffic control at the time of the jump – between 9,000 and 13,500 feet – the plane’s engine goes off, the door opens and it’s GO TIME!

It wasn’t my first jump but my first in Asia and the whole experience was just great, everything made really smooth and easy by Skydive Hong Kong, and the wait was totally forgotten after getting off the plane


Prices  $$$

Weekend tandem skydive: HK$10,888

Tandem jump ticket + HD video and photos: HK$3,800


Skydive Hong Kong 

20/F, Central Tower
28 Queen’s Road Central
Hong Kong

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