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The difference between under HK$200 and above HK$500 sports bras

What month, other than October – Breast Cancer Awareness month -, could we choose to speak about sports bras? None. Don’t get us wrong, you should “take care of your girls” and we should be talking about breast cancer anytime in the year. But let’s embrace “Pink October” and tell you about our favorite sports bras on the market by price range!


Under HK$200 Sports-Barbell-icon

Cotton On may not be a sports brand but they do offer an active range that is wide, fun, cheap and of a decent quality. I’m personally a big fan of their tops but their bras are not bad either. They’re comfortable, they offer light to medium support, depending on the model you choose and even have bigger cups available. The models here after range from HK$119 to HK$199 at their regular price but the whole website is at -30% at the moment!!!

If not in store, shop them online here.


Under HK$300 Sports-Barbell-icon

You can find Nike bras in pretty much all prices mentioned in this article, but their cheapest models give you access to bras from one of the best sports brands on the market and a great quality for a very reasonable price! Models here after range between HK$229 and HK$299.

If not in store, shop them online here.


Under HK$400 Sports-Barbell-iconSports-Barbell-icon

The concept of Miss Runner is to reproduce artists’ photography work to create their prints. The brand offers different cuts and designs for sports bras adapted to low, low-medium impact or high intensity/performance sports. Miss Runner sports bras come at a price of HK$360 or HK$395, with some models on sale at HK$336 and 5% of October purchase proceed to Breast Cancer Awareness support!!!

Shop them online here.

Famous amongst the CrossFit community, VullSport products are made to hold up for hours of grueling training, designed by and for athletes, tested by the fittest on earth. The brand’s sports bras come in various prints and materials, but what they all have in common is shapes designed to make any kind of movement very comfortable and a full support, adapted to any high impact practice. VullSport is distributed by Whatever It Takes Hong Kong and their bras are priced at HK$390.

If not in store, shop them online here.


Under HK$500 Sports-Barbell-iconSports-Barbell-icon

Rumi X – a brand that we already told you about here – prioritized sustainability, with products made from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds. They also offer different cuts and designs for their sports bras, providing light, medium or full support. They all come at the same price: approx. HK$ 485 (US$62) and some of them at approx. HK$340 on sale (US$43.40).

Shop them online here.


Above HK$500 Sports-Barbell-iconSports-Barbell-iconSports-Barbell-icon

Chestee bras are the most expensive of this selection but there’s a good reason for that. They’re are specific for barbell work. Any girl who lifts would tell you that our collarbone regularly gets bruised by the barbell when working on movements like thrusters, overhead press or even front squats. Chestee is a game changer on that as their bras provide a padding just where it’s needed that makes a world of difference, without forgetting to be cute, or even sexy! They’re also distributed by Whatever It Takes Hong Kong and they range at HK$520.

If not in store, shop them online here.


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