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12 real awkward situations fit people have (had) to face

Fitness can sometimes lead you to funny/awkward situations or struggles, in or outside of the gym. We’ve interviewed a bunch of fit people and all those are real situations they’ve had or regularly have to face…


1. “When there’s a birthday celebration at the office, people always assume I’m on a very strict diet and therefore, I can’t eat cake…”

2. “When I join a lifting class or just train in a gym where there are men, they’d hand me all the lighter weights assuming this is what I want/need… And it’s always coming from guys I’d easily outlift!”

3. “I’m a good rower. It’s a fact. I’ve been training and competing at dragon boat and other rowing sports for a few years and I know it’s part of my strengths. One day, as I was in the middle of a long row at the gym, a guy came around and without a word, lowered the resistance of the machine from 10 to 7, giving me a “you’ll thank me later” look.”

4. “Members of my family regularly tell me that I don’t need to workout so much as I already look good… as if this was the only goal!”

5. “I’m a seasoned fighter. Not because I want to impress boys, but because I love fighting sports. So they need to understand that asking me “So you could knock me out if you wanted?” is the worst pick up line ever.”

6. “I save my cardio for days I have to get into a pair of jeans. Workout of the day: pull your jeans over your perky bubble butt for time…. Girls who squat problems!”

7. “There is nothing worse than the Deliveroo guy showing up and asking “Is this all for you?”. If they only knew how much I just lifted, there would be no questions.”

8. “To give a bit of context, I’ve been lifting for a few years and I’m a coach myself, but I’m always happy to learn more when I can. Once, I was doing bench press in a gym (not my usual) and a guy came around giving me advice on my position (without me asking), telling me I shouldn’t arch my back like that. Curious and genuinely open minded, I asked why. He literally said the words “I don’t know”… ”

9. “Trying to squeeze into the train with my backpack (loaded with sweaty, wet training kit), my lunch bag and my handbag is already a challenge. But most days I also carry grocery bags, making it close to impossible and leaving me standing on the platform for ages because I don’t want to be *that* person who just pushes their way onto the train…”

10. “When I traveled to the Philippines for the first time, my body was getting a lot of attention… from other dudes! And they would openly (and sometimes loudly) tell me “Nice body Sir!”. Bit awkward I have to say.”

11. “My weight fluctuates with my competitions schedule as it sometimes requires me to be way heavier. I have ONE suit. So a black-tie event on the wrong timing can be a nightmare.”

12. “The way some people will just qualify “boring” the fact that I don’t drink as if MY blood alcohol level had any effect on the fun THEY have.”


A thousand thanks for your testimonials Steph, Heather, Trish, Melissa, Kay Kay, Storm, Ian, and Tom!


  • Helen

    I did mma training in Dubai… my first time in this gym. We all had to use a stuffed dummy to practice ground work on. There were two weights for the dummy… heavy or lighter. I went for the heavy…dude comes up… you’re a girl, you should have the lighter one…I squatted down and picked up my heavy dummy and walked off.

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