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Meet Dee Cheung, yoga teacher… on land and on water

Today in our “Fitness Who’s Who”, meet Dee Cheung. Originally from Toronto, this bubbly yoga teacher is the co-founder and instructor of SUP Yoga HK and the founder of Float On Hong Kong.

Who/what inspired you to start your fitness journey?

I grew up training in traditional Chinese dance, martial arts, and Latin American ballroom dancing, I don’t know if it was more inspiration or it was just what my mom signed me up for, but I loved it and I was able to travel from a young age during the summers to attend camps and represent Canada from the cultural arts side of the country.

I can remember being inspired by my high school weight training coach who was female and a guidance counselor. She was strong and encouraged me to lift weights even though I was the only girl who signed up to her weight training class. It showed me a different way to train my body and mind.

What is your weekly workout regimen?

Now that we have help and my daughter isn’t as dependant on me, I have my own yoga self-practice either using my training manual or just throwing on tunes and moving my body at least two times a week. I am still finding my way back to my pre-baby body and turning every outing with my baby girl an opportunity to sweat with the extra weight if she’s strapped to me or pushing her uphill if she’s in the stroller.

Before it got hot I was running twice a week as well to the park on Bowen Road and doing body weight exercises with a friend and then running home.

How do you get ready to face a challenge that you know will be hard to overcome?

I ask myself WHY and that gives me to answer and the will to go for it, go through it and enjoy the ride!

What advice would you give to someone to stay motivated?

Set a goal, ask yourself why you want to set that goal and then enroll a buddy or a coach who will keep you accountable!

What would you say to the 10 years younger you?

Good job partying while your metabolism was high!

What’s your favorite cheat meal?

I’m not into cheat meals anymore. I like the 80/20 rule. I would say I have a sweet tooth and I will never say not to a bite or a slice of cake!

A hobby that has nothing to do with fitness?

I knit and craft… Knitting keeps me calm on days that I travel with my husband because I like to be super early and he likes to be on time. Crafting is a form of meditation and I like seeing the end products too which usually are gifted to people. My last project was hand making 30 unicorn horn headbands for my daughter’s first birthday party.

A quote you live by?

Let Love Rule 

Where can you meet Dee?

Summer is coming, that’s the best occasion to try stand-up paddle board yoga with her, booking your board at SUP Yoga HK here or give a try to a Boga Fitmat class at the Americal Club pool here. Dee also teaches yoga classes and participates to different events, that you can find, along with a lot of information and tips on her personal website

Follow Dee!

You can follow Dee on Instagram on her personal account @Deelicious11 or check her business accounts @FloatonHK and @Supyogahk

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