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Polaris moved. You can now get frozen in Central!

Location Central
Price $$$ (scroll down for price details + A SPECIAL DISCOUNT!!!)
Service Cryotherapy treatments on whole body
Launched in May 2016


We told you about Polaris last year here introducing their newly opened center and listing all the benefits of cryotherapy for beauty/anti-aging, health/wellness, sports/fitness.

Since then, Polaris has moved, so you can now be frozen in the heart of Central!

Living a busy life in Hong Kong and being a fitness freak, I’m personally a fan of (whole body) cryotherapy for global health purpose – as it reduces inflammation, fatigue, fights jet lag, boosts immune system –  and specific fitness benefits: speeding up and improving recovery, reducing soreness, enhancing energy, muscle activation, boosting metabolism.

Knowing that you get the best effects when regularly treated (like any therapy), having a cryosauna available in Central is a total game changer for me. On the top of it, a full body session is 3 min only so that’s a lot of goodness in a minimum time! Not to mention that with summer and its crazy high temperatures coming, it’s definitely cryotherapy season.

To celebrate that new convenient location, we have a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for you: just mention that you’re a reader of and get the very special price of  HK$600 for 2 sessions (value HK$800 per session) and/or 5% discount on any package.


Prices $$$ (before discount)

Monthly fee:

– HK$1,600 for 2 sessions per month

– HK$2,600 for 4 sessions per month

– HK$3,920 for 8 sessions per month

– HK$5,400 for 12 sessions per month

– HK$650 for 2 sessions per month

– HK$9,800 for an unlimited number of sessions



2/F, Wing’s Building, 110 Queens Road Central, Central, Hong Kong


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