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NOCHE overnight oats by Pura Vida, the ultimate breakfast on the go

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Created in 2014 in Indonesia, and just launching in Hong Kong


The three friends who created Pura Vida believe that feeding your body with pure and wholesome ingredients is the best long-term strategy to maintain a good health. Considering they plan to do it with products that also taste delicious, we’d certainly not contradict them!

Pura Vida uses whole and natural foods, that include fresh and high-quality ingredients to make snacks for health-conscious individuals. So their healthy, nutritious and ready-to-eat breakfast in a jar, NOCHE, is prepared with NO additives, NO preservatives, NO refined/added sugar.

I personally find it hard to find a healthy and nourishing option for breakfast that you can just grab after your morning gym session and have on the go or when arriving at the office. Those convenient NOCHE jars are definitely filling a gap for me.

NOCHE comes in 5 different flavors, in glass jars of 160g and freshly made in Hong Kong.

In terms of macros if you track them, each flavor is slightly different but on average, a jar is 8-9g of proteins, 20-22g of carbs, 2-4g of fats, in 130-140 calories. Quite filling by itself, you can, of course, have it with some extra if you like.

Want a vegan version? No problem. Vegan versions of Banana Kreme and Nutty Monkey are available, on direct order or at SharedSpace gym.


That homemade taste…

Catherine, one of the initial founders, who recently moved to Hong Kong, is making all NOCHE jars herself, in her kitchen (with love). So the taste is actually not a surprise: if you prepare something this way, with good ingredients, chances are you’re gonna end up with a great tasting product!

I had the occasion to try 3 flavors: Strawberry Cheesecake, Banana Kreme, and Nutty Monkey.

Hard to choose a favorite between the three but I think the one that impressed me the most was the Strawberry Cheesecake as I was expecting a bit of acidity (because strawberries left overnight + 2 days in my fridge) but not at all! No funny strawberry juice that doesn’t mix well or anything like that, it was delicious. showcasing a great fruit’s taste and the whole thing wasn’t too sweet.

The Nutty Monkey stole my other half’s heart because I mean, peanut butter + dark chocolate… Does it really need further explanation or justification?!


Where can you find your breakfast fix?

NOCHE jars are sold online on or you can find them in different cafes/shops/gyms like Top Fit in Sheung Wan, Redwood Nutrition in Wan Chai, SharedSpace in Causeway Bay and  Trybe or 3/3rds Cafe in South Island Wong Chuk Hang.

You can also order directly from Pura Vida, dropping them a line through their Facebook page (order 2 days before).

And keep your jars because they take them back and recycle them!


Prices   Sports-Barbell-iconSports-Barbell-icon

HK$40 or HK$43 for a jar (depending on the flavor)


Pura Vida


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