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MOBOT, the water bottle that helps your mobility

Location Online + various points of sale in Hong Kong
Price  $$$ (scroll down for price details)
Product A water bottle/foam roller
Launched in HK 2016


The bottle presents itself on the label as “The world’s coolest water bottle and travel foam roller in one eco-friendly package”. There you have it. It’s a colorful water bottle, a roller and a pretty cool product indeed.


The MOBOT (for MOBILITY BOTTLE) is made of recycled 18/8 FDA approved food-grade stainless steel, BPA free and the foam around it is heat-pressed directly to the bottle for the best endurance and safety. It even comes with a one-year warranty, so you can sip through its retractable straw with peace of mind!


They come in 3 sizes: BIG BERTHA (1.2 L), GRACE (700 ml) and FIRECRACKER (500 ml).

For the colors, you also have the choice between plain (black, blue, pink) or a camouflage, in different colors: SPECIAL OPS, RED METAL or JUICYBOT.


Why you should get a MOBOT

In case the benefits of hydration were not really clear for you… Getting even the slightest bit dehydrated can cause everything from fatigue and sugar cravings to headaches, joint pain, and constipation. On the flip side, water can clear your skin, boost your energy, eliminate toxins and weight loss.

When it comes to rolling, it’s a cure-all for many different aches. It helps lengthen and loosen muscles, relieving joint pain, breaking down knots and increasing range of motion. So even if the moment itself is not the most pleasant, your body will thank you for doing it!

Lastly, it’s hard to even express how URGENT it’s becoming for us to limit our plastic consumption due to its terrible effect on the environment. Carrying your own water bottle is totally part of the solution.


And I mean, just look at how cool they are!!! (Plus, after a few days using it, I have to say it’s an amazing ice breaker at the gym, just saying…)

They’re also very light and they float, which makes them an amazing water sports partner.


They’re available at Log-On, Whatever It Takes Hong Kong (online or in-store) but if you still need an extra motivation, we have just what you need: a 10% discount to get your MOBOT on the Findings Group website using the code FG10 at checkout (free shipping to HK).

So go ahead: be a roll model!!!


Prices $$$





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