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Lemon Drop Studio, a little gem hidden in Kennedy Town

Location Kennedy Town
Disciplines Yoga, Pilates, HIIT
Price $$ (scroll down for price details)
Open since Feruary 2017


This little studio was founded by 3 partners, who met when part of the Lululemon team. This even inspired the name of Lemon Drop Studio! Their idea was to create a small yet comfy environment for the Kennedy Town community to relax and unwind.

They spent a lot of time looking for the right location and literally fell in love with the high ceiling and big window of the studio. That’s why they decided to use the space while keeping things minimal.

I discovered Lemon Drop Studio having a stroll with my dog in Kennedy Town and I have to say, the inside space, its big window, and zen atmosphere are indeed what caught my attention straight away.


I tried a class of Restorative Yoga, on a Friday evening, with Martina Cheung.

I tried a few yoga classes before, different styles, different instructors, different places, and what I find the most complicated is to find the right teacher for the right style of yoga, the style that actually matches your needs and abilities. I know, complicated equation…


But this Friday night was a perfect match. I had trained hard and heavy the whole week, which means my body was sore and stiff. So my abilities for yoga (of any kind) were quite low but my needs were clearly to relax, release the tensions and get a deep yet gentle stretch. Restorative yoga was exactly what I needed then and Martina is just perfect for teaching it.


As we were a small group (4 students), she had time and space to come around and guide or help us to get a little bit deeper into the poses. She also used a few props to support the poses: blocks of course but also yoga bolsters. It was the first time I was using a bolster and although I suspected it would make things a bit more comfortable, I had no idea how it would help!


Last but not least, the studio is equipped with cork mats and blocks (from Yoloha), an eco-friendly alternative of course, but also very nice to practice on: very soft and breathing, with a grip improving as you sweat. Loved them!


The studio also offers Pilates, dance, and HIIT classes. You can check their Facebook page and the MINDBODY app for more info, schedules, and booking.


Prices $$

Class drop-in: HK$220

Package of 4 classes in 14 days: HK$840

Package of 10 classes in 40 days: HK$2,000

Package of 20 classes in 90 days: HK$3,600


Lemon Drop Studio

Shop 2, 37B, Cadogan Street, Kennedy TownHong Kong


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