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H-Kore: the hard kore workout that gets you addicted

Location Central
Disciplines Lagree fitness training, Circuit training, Kettlebell training
Price $$$ (scroll down for price details)
Open since 2013


H-Kore, the first Lagree Fitness studio in Hong Kong, offers a training on Megaformer machines, not be mistaken with Reformers, that are used for Pilates. Pilates and Lagree Fitness are both recognized as excellent methods of improving flexibility, core strength and balance without impact on joints, spine and connective tissues. However, Lagree Fitness is a different method, on a different machine, and also requires a very specific qualification.

I’m personally not very good at Pilates, not the most flexible, and I know my core muscles are not my main strength. So I knew this was gonna be tough…

To get ready for your class, pack your regular training outfit. It’s a low impact workout so you don’t need your super extra support sports bra. Get some water and get your grip socks: no socks, no class! (But if you forget yours, you can buy a pair at the studio.)


My class with Eleanor

I took a standard H-Kore class with Eleanor on a Friday morning. This class promises a full body workout to strengthen your body, tighten your muscles, burn fat, improve endurance and jump-start your metabolism.

Seasoned marathoner, Eleanor has been a dedicated H-Kore client pretty much since the opening. Seeing for herself the benefits of training on the Megaformer, she developed the desire to teach and became a certified trainer. Her bio on the website says that “Her classes won’t be easy but will definitely be worth it” and I can’t think of a better way to put it.

It was definitely not easy. What was supposed to be a warm up – supposed to “start activating core muscles” she said – already had me shaking… That gives you an idea of my level!

I felt totally out of my comfort zone through the whole class and I’ve been struggling more than once to perform the movements right. But at the same time, it was great. The workout is challenging but the coaching is very qualitative. Eleanor has been very attentive and provided just the right support and help, correcting my position, providing tips/accessories to find my balance etc.

We definitely had a full body workout, working on upper body, high and low abs muscles, obliques, legs, thanks to different exercises including variations of pikes, plank, lunges etc. and using the Megaformer to stretch at the end of the class.

The intensity was there (so was the sweat!), it got my heart pumping, but not the way you’re used to in usual HIIT training classes. The pace of the class is quite slow, even though the workout is high intensity. Expect 45 min of slow and controlled movements, muscles in constant tension, for a strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility and core training, all in one.

Weirdest part of this review? Yes it was terribly challenging but yes, I’d totally go back!


A tailor-made workout

All classes and teachers will encourage you to (safely) challenge yourself to the max, but the level can always be adapted, so don’t be scared if you’re a beginner. They can even adapt if you’re sporting an injury of any kind!


H-Kore also offers “CircuitKore” and “KettleKore” classes, circuit and Kettlebell training classes, that you can join after completing 8 standard H-Kore classes.


Prices $$$

Beginners one-time offer: 2 classes in 30 days for HK$350

Class drop-in: HK$350

Pack of 6 classes in 180 days: HK$2,040 (HK$340 per class)

Pack of 10 classes in 180 days: HK$3,300 (HK$330 per class)

Pack of 20 classes in 1 year: HK$6,200 (HK$310 per class)

Pack of 40 classes in 1 year: HK$12,000 (HK$300 per class)

Pack of 60 classes in 1 year: HK$16,800 (HK$280 per class)


H-Kore Studio

3/F Wincome Centre, 39 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong


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