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kikki.K, the cute stationary partner of your fitness journey

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Created in Created in 2001, launched in Hong Kong in 2015


It’s no secret that when you embark on a health/fitness journey, all kinds of motivation are welcome. As we’ve previously talked about it here, writing down your goals and plan to reach them on paper, has a great positive impact on your motivation and commitment.

Any notebook of yours can actually work, even a sheet of paper on your fridge to be honest. I’ve used a thermometer template like this in the past and it definitely helped tracking my progress on a specific goal:


But the cutest stationery brand, kikki.K, went a little bit further and created the ideal tools in the loveliest (Swedish) designs, to help you and enjoy the journey to your goals!


The Goals Journal helps you to set goals per month, per week, to understand what holds you back, plan how you’re gonna reach that goal and keep sight of the reward.


As nothing is achieved without creating good habits anyway, they also created The Habits Journal, where you’ll find inspiration, a habits planner, tools to help you identify your habit triggers, reflect on how you feel or set an action plan.


If a book is not really your thing, they also have great pads, that can be easier/more flexible to use.

The Weekly Good Habits Pad, for example, helps you create and track your good habits to improve. You can leave one sheet at the office for your work goals and habits, one on the fridge for your food ones, one in your room for your health/fitness ones etc. With 60 sheets and 12 weeks on each sheet, it’s a lot of rewards you’ll be able to give yourself!


I chose the Weekly Goals and Habits Pad, as I found it easier to use, allowing me to list goals and habits and mixing work/fitness/everyday life. After a bit, I realized that using those sheets gave me more structure and made me accountable to myself in a certain way, which definitely helped me track and improve!


Available in different colors, the books are beautiful, elegant and made of high-quality material, so on the top of being very functional, you’ll love owning them, carrying them everywhere, and using them.

You can buy kikki.K products in Hong Kong in one of their stores or online (shipping cost applies).


Prices $$$

The Goals Journal: HK$260

The Habits Journal: HK$260

The Weekly Good Habits Pad: HK$50

The Weekly Goals and Habits Pad: HK$75



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