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Give the gift of fitness and wellness for Christmas!

There we are: Christmas is around the corner… and you need to get gifts! And if you don’t start now, chances are you will end up running around in stress before the D day and end up with great gifts but totally out of budget or cool gifts but not really the best you could do. So here are 10 ideas, at different prices (low to high), to give the gift of fitness/wellness for Christmas 2017!


A taste of plant-based protein smoothies

Review before here, the Nuzest JUST FRUIT & VEG Taster Pack is ideal to taste the different flavors and make a switch to plant-based protein. The pack includes a shaker and 3 single serve sachets of 5 fruits + 5 vegetables blended with European Golden Pea Protein, to make smoothies. No gluten, dairy, soy or GMOs and 3 delicious flavors: Fresh Coconut, Cacao Mint, Wild Berry.

HK$95 on


A statement mug

Sometimes, you just don’t want to explain, and those fitness mugs are just perfect for those days.

HK$88-168 on


Soft hands

If anyone around you is good at butterfly pull-ups (or working on it), first, you should congratulate them, and then, you should get them a pair of JAW grips, they probably need some and their hands will thank you.

HK$250-350 on Whatever It Takes Hong Kong’s website or in store


A pinch of salt

Himalayan salt has many health and wellness related benefits, like supporting weight loss, detox, and balanced hormones, just to name a few. But what better motivations to switch to Himalayan salt than the gastronomic experience it provides and putting the most beautiful thing on your table?!

The brand rivsalt got it and offers variations of salt rocks (and even licorice!) but our favorite is the RIVSALT set including a beautiful grater, on a wooden stand and a natural Himalayan salt rock.

HK$280 on or in one of their points of sales.


The coolest water bottle ever

We told you about MOBOT mobility bottles before here. Water bottle and foam roller at the same time, colorful, light, made of recycled food-grade stainless steel, BPA free… it’s crazy endurant and safe! We just can’t think of any fit person that wouldn’t like that gift.

HK$460 (0.8 L) on Whatever It Takes Hong Kong’s website or in store


A sexy bodyguard

A few new Chestee bras are out and they’re the best gift you can find for a girl who lifts! With their padding just on the collarbone, good support, and movement-friendly back shape, they’re the best partners for some efficient, comfy end bruise-less barbell work. And because functionality is not everything, they’re also colorful and sexy!

HK$520-570 on Whatever It Takes Hong Kong’s website or in store


Some flattering compression

2XU just launched a few new Women’s Fitness Compression Tights with Storage in stylish patterns, available in 7/8 or full length. These super soft full coverage tights feature contoured panels for a flattering shape and mild compression support, a wide waistband with storage, and moisture wicking yarns to help keep you dry while you train.

HK$860 on or in stores (list here)


An all-in-one pack of gym time, food, and activewear

Not sure if the best gift is a gym membership, healthy food or some activewear? The Pure POWER PACK is the solution! It includes a month-long pass to all locations of Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga in HK, a HK$200 voucher for NOOD food, 2 guest passes for friends, and a HK$200 voucher for Pure Apparel activewear (valued at HK$6,000 in retail value).

HK$1,188 until 15 Dec (HK$1,388 afterward) on and from Dec 1st


SUPER DETAILED DATA in a super slim tracker 

Fitbit Alta HR is the latest addition to the Fitbit family. Sleek and stylish, it’s their slimmest design yet, able to monitor your heart rate, which makes a big difference on the data you get of course, but especially on the sleep feature for example as it allows the device to give you, through the app, a detailed sleep stage tracking. The Fitbit Alta HR offers an amazing number of features in such a small device: steps, calories, distance, auto exercise recognition, auto sleep tracking and silent alarms, a battery up to 7 days, call, texts and calendar alerts, reminders to move, time display, interchangeable bands…

HK$1,298 on or at Fitbit retailers (list here)


A yoga mat that guides your practice

It’s sometimes hard to be sure your feet, hands are in the right position, both sides at the same level. You can now forget that problem with the Liforme mats: some lines and designs, harmoniously decorating them are a precious guide. The grip and cushioning make your practice very comfortable, no matter what your level is. It’s also planet-friendly and a bit wider and longer, to give you the extra space you crave joining a busy class or just practicing by yourself.

HK$1,500 approx. with international shipping and yoga mat bag included on


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