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FITYO, your protein frozen yogurt, now available in 5 flavors

Location HK Island City Super stores, various stores/gyms/restaurants and online
Price  $$ (scroll down for price details)
Products Protein frozen yogurt
Launched in October 2016


I don’t know for you, but I personally never have enough of ice cream. The problem is that it’s not exactly the best thing for my macros and calories intake… And I obviously don’t want to ruin all my training efforts! So ice cream has to be a very occasional treat (sigh).

That’s where FITYO could be a game changer!

Yes, please!

Founded by a bodybuilding and a bikini competitors, Alexander and Hyomin, FITYO was created to be the sweet treat you can enjoy while dieting, without ruining your progress: a great tasting product that contributes to your fitness goals. The promise is a milky flavor that resembles ice cream at only 150 calories per 100g and 15g of high-quality protein (40% less calories and 320% more protein than traditional ice cream!).

FITYO was launched with 2 flavors – vanilla and chocolate – and they’re just launching 3 new flavors: summer berries, coconut, and green tea.


How does it actually taste?

So I’ve been as thorough as I could: I tried the five flavors!

I probably have a very classic taste as my favorites were vanilla and chocolate. The 3 other ones taste great too, don’t get me wrong, but vanilla and chocolate frozen yogurt generally speaking are my favorites anyway so I guess it’s no surprise.

When trying out FITYO, my main question was: how much will I taste the whey inside? The answer is a very little bit or not at all. I only tasted it in 2 flavors (coconut and green tea), but once again, it’s mild.

So if you’re wondering if FITYO is a good “alternative”, my answer is not good, but great. If you like frozen yogurt, you’ll love FITYO.

And it’s also perfect for summer, obviously!


Where to get your frozen treat?

You can buy FITYO cups at Natures Village store, Volume gym and Sama restaurant in Central, Fruity + Veggies store in Mid-Levels, Tan Fitness gym in Tsuen Wan,  and now also in HK Island City Super stores!

You can also order online their “value pack”, that includes 5 or 10 cups of FITYO, an ice bag, dry ice and discount coupons for your next purchase. Just contact them through Facebook or their website to place the order.


Prices $$

HK$48 per cup (100 ml) in store

HK$295 for the value pack of 5 cups to buy from FITYO

HK$495 for the value pack of 10 cups to buy from FITYO




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