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A collagen powder… Why? Which one? How?

I recently received quite a lot of messages asking why I was adding collagen powder to my smoothies or hot drinks, which one I was taking, where I could find it etc. So I hope the info here after helps!


Let’s start with the why

Supplementing collagen seemed to be the new thing in the fitness and health world. As an example, Hannah Bronfman, founder of HBFIT and Fitness/health goddess, swears by collagen powder and is literally obsessed with her “Match Collagen Latte” (recipe here FYI). She’s the one who got me to research more.

There are tons of articles online about benefits of supplementing collagen. You could spend hours/days reading and researching – and I spent myself a fair number of hours reading a few. But instead of writing you an essay, gathering info from many different sources, I think the image here after sums it up pretty well. You can find it and the full detailed article here FYI.


My experience with collagen powder

I’ve been consuming collagen powder daily for a few months now. The initial purpose was double: 1/ improve the elasticity of my skin and help it regenerate (none of us is getting younger with time you know!) 2/ support healthy joints for the reason just mentioned between brackets and even more so after having thoroughly destroyed my ankle last year and taken NINE months to recover.

The benefits for hair, nails, and bones were just a bonus. When it comes to the other benefits announced, I wasn’t really convinced and thought only a trial could show it this would work or not for me.

I’m not so sure if I got the bonus or not and I didn’t really get convinced on other benefits announced that I wasn’t sure of. But I saw a real difference on my skin and some on my joints!

It happens that I also significantly decreased my consumption of coffee, so if I’m 100% honest, I’ll tell you that this clearing effect I observed on my skin was probably a combination of the two. What I know is that I observed way fewer breakouts and felt my skin got overall healthier.

I never really had joint problems, but I could feel from time to time that movement wasn’t so smooth and easy. I don’t have that “rusty” feeling anymore.


Which one? 

I’ve tried two different powders: the Collagen Hydrolysate from Great Lakes Gelatin Co. and the TruMarine Collagen from WithinUs. I actually consume both on a regular basis keeping the first one home and the second one at the office or taking it with me when I travel as I bought it in single-serve sticks.

Great Lakes Gelatin Co.’s collagen is sourced from cows, whereas the WithinUs TruMarine Collagen is 100% sustainably sourced from wild, deep water fish scales (caught in the South Pacific Ocean). Both are hydrolyzed, making it closer to the collagen found naturally in bones, skin, and cartilage, and therefore easily assimilated by the body.


Where to find it

I’m a huge fan of online shopping for many things anyway as it’s a massive time and energy saver in my opinion, but I’d say even more for things like supplements! So I find The Great Lakes Gelatin Co.’s on iHerb here and the WithinUs’ directly on their website here.


How to consume it

The powder dissolves in cold, warm, or hot liquids. So you can add it to pretty much any of your drink, except carbonated beverages. So I usually add it to my morning smoothie, or during the day to my tea, coffee or latte when I have some.

It has absolutely no taste so it won’t alter your drinks. It only changes a bit the texture of your drink making it a bit thicker or frothier.


Prices $$$

Collagen Hydrolysate from Great Lakes Gelatin Co. – Box of 454g (about 38 servings): HK$181.70 + HK$30 approx. for shipping

TruMarine Collagen from WithinUs – Box of 30 single-serve sticks of 3g: HK$320 approx. (CAD 49.95) + HK$75 approx. (CAD 11.60) for shipping


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