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8 people training addicts find incredibly annoying

All training addicts know them. They can sometimes be so annoying that it gets hard to deal with them. Here are 8 of them. Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals… but all characters are unfortunately real.


1. Bob, that fellow gym goer who hits on you

Sure, you both like to exercise, it may even be fun to be training partners sometimes, but how does that make the two of you soul mates?… Do you even look like you’re here to get a date? No. So get out of the way buddy!


2. Pete, who never wipes after him

Pete gives his best when he works out. So much that he sweats BUCKETS, literally everywhere. Good job Pete, but seriously, is it too hard to wipe a bench after you use it? See those square cotton clothes there? Yeah like a towel but too small for your body. Guess what they’re for…


3. Rob, the dumbbells kidnapper

Rob probably has the most complex workouts, or at least he thinks so. As a consequence, he hogs all the dumbbells so that he can curl 15s, strict press 20s, snatch 25s, push press 30s… Rob, let us help with a solution: you can either simplify your workout or man the hell up to be able to lift heavy for every exercise!


4. Chloe, the new girl who takes YOUR spin bike

Okay, you didn’t put your name on it. But the fact is that every Thursday morning, you spin in the same class, on the 3rd bike of the 2nd row, period. So you may have nothing against Chloe but you can’t help it, when a newbie takes your coveted spot in cycling class, it just ruins your morning. Riding another bike is just not the same.


5. That weekend crowd

Sure, everybody needs to workout and that’s great. Go guys! But what’s the deal with those weekend (only) exercisers? Can somebody tell me why they need to “Ohh” and “Aahhh” every time their buddy does ONE move right, shout “Cooooome oooon” at each other constantly and loud high-fives after each rep? Can we just slow down on all that guys? Please. Thanks.


6. Jamie, who has an opinion on how you look and can’t keep it for himself

We all know this colleague, making with the kindest tone of voice, the most (unwanted) unkind comments like: “You got so muscular, be careful not to get too big you know”… Remind me when I asked for your opinion, please… Yeah, that’s it, never.


7. Sally, who thinks you have too much time on your hands

Mother of two, working mom, sure, Sally is busy. But you also know some super fit chicks who are also mother of two (or three!), entrepreneur, working moms, successful artists, talented designers… So Sally needs to understand that you don’t find the time to work out, you MAKE it. No matter the size of your family, you also have a busy schedule, you’re not training because you have nothing else to do. And by the way, if you ask me, I think this woman should use her time to work out instead of making condescending comments…


8. Aunty Lucy,  who “doesn’t understand”

Aunty Lucy is lovely really. The only problem with her is that she just “doesn’t understand”. She doesn’t understand why you’re working out so much (when you already look good in her opinion), she doesn’t understand why you want to train even on holidays, she doesn’t understand why you want to eat healthy even when having dinner with her, she doesn’t understand why you’re taking only one slice of cake when there’s a birthday (instead of stuffing your face with 10 maybe?)… Explaining that working out is a way to burn calories so that you can then stuff your face could be an option… But she may not understand anyway.



Other people you find annoying? Let us know who! 🙂

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