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From 17 to 19 Nov, 2XU changes your plank seconds into $$$

How long can you plank for? I know, planking is boring… But if I tell you that the longer you plank, the more money you get to spend at 2XU, I bet planking is not so boring anymore.


From 17 to 19 November, 2XU is challenging all Hong Kong fitness fans to take the “2XU Plank Challenge”, in partnership with Pinnacle Performance. The challenge rewards the relentless – the longer you can hold the forearm plank position, the more 2XU store credit you earn!



How to take the challenge

Visit the 2XU flagship store in Causeway Bay on Friday 17 November and Saturday 18 November and showcase your planking skills for as long as you can under the eye of professional coaches*. [Pinnacle Performance members can also take the challenge at the gym’s facilities during opening hours on Saturday 18 November.]

60 seconds =  HK$120 of 2XU store credit and an additional HK$1 is earned for every second thereafter.**

To complete the challenge, share a photo of yourself taking the challenge on Instagram and Facebook using the correct hashtags and nominate two friends to give it their best shot. You’ll get your 2XU store credit once you’ve shown this photo to the coaches moderating the challenge.

 *Professional coaches – from Pinnacle Performance – will give participants 2 posture warnings. If they receive a third one, the clock is stopped and their challenge ends there.

**2XU store credit is capped at HK$240 (3 minutes) and must be redeemed within one month of taking the challenge.


The Grand Final

If you reach the 3 minutes mark, you automatically qualify for the Grand Final event at the 2XU flagship store on Sunday 19 November. All finalists will then compete to win up to HK$2,000 worth of 2XU store credit and one month’s membership at Pinnacle Performance!



2XU Flagship Store

Address: 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

2XU Plank Challenge hours:

>> Friday 17 November 12pm – 8pm

>> Saturday 18 November 12pm – 4pm

>> Sunday 19 November 4pm – 6pm


And while you’re at it and you have a voucher in hand, Christmas is coming you know, so it could be the occasion to find gifts for your loved ones early for once, just saying…

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