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17 ways to work out without even realizing it

Sometimes it’s hard to find a type of exercise or sports you enjoy or sometimes you’re just feeling lazy. So a few ways to exercise that don’t feel like exercise can always be useful, furthermore when a lot of them are free!


The basics…

1. Hiking 

Especially with other people. You’ll get a nice workout, quality time with your friends/family and most probably see amazing scenery. Hong Kong offers many options for you to choose from! Check out some ideas here.

2. Walking

We all too often jump on a bus to get somewhere in 5 min instead of walking 15… Time is precious and it’s very tempting to travel in the AC but walking is actually a nice way to exercise and get ready for a meeting you’re going to or unwind after a day of work for example.

3. Biking

Not easy to do it from home to work in Hong Kong, but there are very nice places to go biking and discover at the same time new parts of the city: West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, from Shatin to Tai Po, Cheung Chau Island… You can find a few suggestions here.

4. Dancing

It doesn’t even have to be in a class, after all, it can totally be at a party or at a club with friends! (In this case, we’d recommend skipping all the drinks as it kind of defeats the purpose of a healthy choice…) Want to dance in your living room? Go. For. It. Have fun, move your body and you’ll get that heart pumping before you know it.


At home…

5. Cleaning

I know, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but the fact is that cleaning the house gets you moving. So put some music on to shake your booty and grab that duster!

6. Roughhousing with your kids 

No kids on hand? Borrow some. For sure you have parents around you who would happily invite you over to exhaust play with their kids!

7. Working on getting a handstand

It’s a fun activity, a great way to fight vertigo and some even say it’s anti-aging! Fitness wise, say hello to arms and core strength (with a nice sweat in the process).

8. Playing active video games

Wii or Xbox offer quite a few options and VR is only making it better. Play tennis, dance, chase dinosaurs… Whatever you like, as long as you practice standing up and it makes you move.

9. Getting active in the bedroom

You know… Do we really need to say more?…


At work…

10. Standing up at the office…

We all know that sitting all day is not good for our body and health on many levels anyway, so why not getting a standing desk adapter to have the option to work standing? There are some on the market at a very reasonable price now! Plus, a better posture, stronger legs, an improved blood and lymphatic circulation don’t sound like a bad idea to me!

Not to mention that your colleagues will be so impressed… Get ready to become the cool kid!

11. Or sitting down on something different!

Sitting at your desk on a stability ball is another way to make your office time a bit more active. Core abdominal muscles being engaged to maintain your balance, it makes them stronger, what protects your lower back and promote better posture (just be careful to not slouch your upper back).


Trying something new…

12. Frisbeeing

Yep. You’ve read that right. It can also be just throwing a ball if you prefer. Do it with a friend or with your dog! Summer is coming and it’s great to practice on the beach. Beach racket games are another fun option.


Channel your inner child and go jumping around! You’ll have so much fun, while actually exercising and improving your balance and coordination.

14. Hula hooping 

We told you a bit about it before, in our article about Turning Circles. It’s fun and doesn’t require much material to start. You can join one of their programs and learn it in the park with other members and a teacher, but you can also easily start by yourself and a few good YouTube videos!

15. Paddleboarding

A board, a paddle, taking the sun on the water and exercising without even knowing it. Tell me what is not to like about this!

16. Adventure activities

They can be called sports, but focusing on the adventurous aspect makes you forget you’re doing it to exercise! We’re thinking here about canyoning, rock climbing, speleology…

17. Giving a go to martial arts

Same idea as the adventure activities really. The focus on getting badass enough to be able to fight in some way is a great distraction/motivation. So many options out there: Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Boxing, Karate… You name it!


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