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15 small fitness victories that will make you feel badass

Getting and staying fit and healthy is tough. All baby steps count and it’s important to celebrate them!

1. Getting your gym bag ready the night before

2. Getting that training in early in the morning when everybody else is still in bed or in the evening when everybody else is having drinks somewhere

3. Entering the gym with your outfit ON POINT

4. The awesome training squad you’ve gathered and the great sessions you have together

5. The first time you lifted more than your body weight

6. Lifting a 3 digits number (in kg) for the first time

7. Hitting a new PR

8. Your coach telling you at the end of a session “Good job today”

9. Coming back from food shopping with no sweets/crisps/biscuits

10. Meal prepping for the week like a boss…

11. … and then remembering to take your lunch to the office!

12. Actually eating your vegetables (and not hating it too much)

13. Going through a full week of clean eating

14. When you know you deserve that cheat meal you’ve been waiting for

15. Colleagues, friends or family calling you “the fittest/healthiest person they know”


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