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13 sentences to NEVER tell to a fit chick

How strong they are, how they look, how often they train, why they train, what they eat or not, what they wear… People always have tons of comments about what fit chicks do. It can be incredibly annoying but, let’s admit it, sometimes quite funny too.

If ever you have a doubt or know people that could use it, here is a list of a few things you’d better not tell them (and the answers you may hear if you do)…


1. You’re so strong for a girl.

No, she’s just strong. And if you continue that bullsh*t, she may lift/beat you, just to show you the three last words were not necessary.

2. How much weight have you lost?

Not all of us have the same goals. So what about “how much weight can you lift” instead?

3. So do you have some sort of goal you’re working toward or what?

She probably does and she will probably set a new one once achieved. But her priority is probably constant self-improvement. Weird concept, I know…

4. For someone who works out as much as you do, you should have the perfect body by now.

For someone who has had a brain from birth, you should know how to use it by now.

5. Be careful not to get too big.

As if looking like Arnie happened overnight… And what about her just doing what the f*** she wants with her body?! (Body that doesn’t need your approval btw.)

6. I actually don’t like when a woman looks like she can beat me up. [coming from a man]

Aaaawwww, so why don’t you go find a woman that fits your needs baby? Or start training maybe?

7. Should you really be eating this?

She knows what she should eat or not, probably better than you do, thanks.

8. I’ve read it’s actually not healthy to [insert thing here].

Oh yes, please tell her about the latest conspiracy theory/silly fitness trend. I’m sure she’s waiting for you to tell her how to stay healthy.

9. Another pair of sneakers?!

Don’t you know that you should never come between a woman and her shoes? Well, guess what… Sneakers are shoes too.

10. You cannot really consider leggings pants though.

F***ing watch her, dude.

11. I wish I looked like you.

This might sound like a compliment but it actually understates so much the hard work put in that it can’t really be taken as such. So stop wishing and get your a$$ to work, honey.

12. Can you tell me how to get rid of this? [showing some section of fat]

Is she holding a magic wand? If not, it’s a no. Unless you’re willing to get rid of “all that” maybe?

13. I could do it too if I wasn’t so busy. / You’re only so fit because you have so much time to go to the gym.

Guess what… Fit chicks are busy too. Let’s be clear: nobody has time. They just make it. Why? Because it’s important to them and it’s how they want to live.


If you have any other ideas of “don’ts” around fit chicks, feel free to share them with us in the comments!

Happy training/lifting/yoga fitties! 😉 


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