Are there posts on Vfitstories.com bought by any brand?

No, so even if it’s expressing a personal point of view, posts are not biased by the place or brand and we choose who/what we write about.

We may on a personal level train more regularly in some places, be a fan of some brands, services etc. but this is only our personal choice as we believe in what they do and it works well for us and our goals.


Can I find some negative reviews on Vfitstories.com?

Negative no, moderate yes. If we try a place and really don’t like it, for whatever reason, we won’t talk about it. That being said, most of the places/activities have their public, so we’ll try our best to explain who it is for. If you don’t recognize yourself there, it’s probably not adapted to you. And if you have a doubt… just message us 🙂 Always happy to tell you more in PM.


How do you rate the price in the chart on reviews?

The rate goes from $ to $$$ according to this system:

 $ Until HK$200 per session*
 $$ Between HK$201 and HK$350 per session*
 $$$ More than HK$350 per session*

*Price per session is calculated thanks to the packages’ price.

Then at the end of the article, you’ll find more details about the pricing when available.


I would like to have more details or wonder if an activity would work for me.

Easy: get in touch! Happy to answer all questions we can so just ask them through email at hello@vfitstories.com, in the comments of a post or via social media (Facebook or Instagram).


Can I suggest a place/brand/technique to be reviewed?

Absolutely! You’re always welcome to suggest anything! You can get in touch with your ideas via hello@vfitstories.com, in the comments of a post or via social media (Facebook or Instagram). We can’t promise when it can be done (days sadly count only 24 hours!) but it will certainly go to the list.