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Epic women only boot camp EBF and their new Epic Performance Centre

Location Central
Disciplines HIIT, Muay Thai, Weight training
Price $ (scroll down for price details)
Created in October 2014

What do I do today? Do I need more cardio to balance my week’s program? Where do I go? Who can I train with?… Boot camp training is the end of all those questions. You just show up to join your team and grind together!

Epic Body Fit (EBF) is the women-only boot camp of EPIC – which doesn’t need to be introduced anymore on HK fitness scene.

do I know you

They promise a structured and balanced program, to develop not only your figure, but also your strength, endurance, and most importantly, your confidence, variety ensuring members’ participating pleasure.


So what’s EBF?


It’s a cycle of 4 to 12 weeks approx. providing:

  • 5 1h group classes from Monday to Friday
  • 1 voucher per week to join any class at Epic MMA & Fitness or Epic Yoga
  • 1 week pass to use out of the cycle or give to a friend to share the love

All classes are held indoors at Epic MMA Club or the Epic Performance Centre and you can choose to join the 6:30 am, 7:30 am, 8:30 am or 10 am group (sticking to it for the whole program).

You also get some extra support outside of training:

  • Access to Trainerize, an app to track your workouts (and get some extra if you feel like), your performance, progress and message your head coach if question
  • Pre and post cycle Tanita body composition analysis
  • A private 15 min consultation with the in-house nutritionist for guidance
  • Recommendations on supplements and lifestyle tips from the trainers


My experience as an EBF girl…


With 2 Epic HIIT, 2 Muay Thai and 1 weight training sessions every week, I’d say the program is quite “cardio dominant” so get ready for a good sweat!

Happy minions


As you’ll workout with 4-5 different instructors and the program counts a fair number of members, it’s not easy for them to know everybody’s abilities and goals, so my advice #1 is to speak up! Explain what your level and expectations are.

No matter if you’re just getting back to exercise, if you only want to break a sweat making new friends or if you’re happy to be highly challenged at every session. There’s no good or bad reason, only your personal motivation! But in any case, they can’t guess, so say it; it’s always the best way to reach your goal.

what I want


Now let’s talk about the workouts!

Epic HIIT is their variation of the conventional HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): focused on burning calories of course, but through some MMA-themed circuit training… definitely having your heart pumping! This little “MMA-twist” made them much more fun (you can trust me as I’m usually not a big fan of cardio workouts generally speaking and HIIT sessions in particular).

Led by different instructors – both seasoned champions – the two Muay Thai weekly sessions have a different style and vibe, focused in turns on technique, coordination, bag, pads or partners work. I’ve always been properly corrected and challenged, sometimes getting some extra work, as I requested, so that’s definitely a thumb up. Here is a glimpse of what an EBF Muay Thai class can look like:

I’m a firm believer that women should not be afraid of lifting weights and a committed defender of weight training’s benefits for women. That’s why my only regret was to have only one weight training session per week; matter of taste I guess. That being said,  I got a great coaching through those sessions by the different trainers, always happy to assist me in attempting new (heavier) challenges.


Bonus? Training in the brand new Epic Performance Centre!

Gleaming equipment, brand new changing rooms with private shower cubicles, good size outdoor space and all that only for you and your team, enough said. This studio will be dedicated to personal training but being part of the EBF crew gives you the privilege to train there twice a week. Let me take you on a virtual tour of the place and show you an example of a weight training session:


The EBF cycle 11 is coming to and end and cycle 12 starts on September 5th for 8 weeks, so time to register!


Price $

HK$500 per week (full program to be paid upfront)


Epic MMA Club

1/F China Building, 29 Queen’s Road Central, Central

Epic Performance Centre

3/F On Hing Building, 1- 9 On Hing Terrace, Central


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