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The Arnold Classic finally in Asia!

So chances are you’ve heard of it: Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Hong Kong. What for? For the very first Arnold Classic Asia, 19-21 August 2016. His initiative, initially a bodybuilding competition, it’s today the world’s largest multi-sport festival, taking place every year in 5 different countries and coming for the first time in Asia!

20 sports represented (competitions, demos, try-outs), thousands of athletes and hundreds of health and fitness brands under the same roof at Asia World Expo! Visitors will be able to  watch elite athletes and world champion level competitions including strongman, arm wrestling, bodybuilding and pole fitness. But they will be able to join in competitions too in CrossFit, weightlifting, fencing, chess, Rubik’s cube, pole fitness, strongman, bodybuilding: so bring your A-game!


Arnold Classic Asia basically includes 3 big events:

  • Arnold Classic IFBB Pro Show (Bodybuilding and Strongman)
  • the Arnold Schwarzenegger Seminar
  • the Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival (world’s biggest sports fest!)


The Arnold Classic Asia IFBB Pro Show brings together the world’s strongest men and women on Saturday 20th, from 6 pm. Tony Doherty, Arnold Classic Asia Partner sums it up well: “the biggest, baddest bodies in the world (..) Never before in Asia has there been so much muscle in one place at one time”.

But let me tell you that we already have our very own awesomely strong people in Hong Kong…

Arnold Classic Asia - Strongman Truck Pull - Gary Manwaring and Santina Philips (1)Warming up for the Strongman competition, Santina Philips and Gary Manwaring – the two co-owners of Ursus Fitness, Hong Kong’s first Strongman gym – pulled over 8 tons of a truck on 10 meters last Saturday, on their first attempt ever at that superhuman challenge.

Arnold Classic Asia - Strongman Truck Pull - Santina Philips Arnold Classic Asia - Strongman Truck Pull - Gary Manwaring

They’ll join competitors from around the world in the Amateur Strongman competition, run by Ursus Fitness on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st: get ready for some heavy tyre flips, deadlifts and this same truck. Don’t miss the show!

IFBB Pro Show 3 IFBB Pro Show 2

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Seminar is the occasion to hear the inspirational talk of the man himself – greatest bodybuilder, 7 times Mr Olympia, Hollywood superstar, leading environmental advocate and businessman, and former Governor of California.

One or two good tips to reach life goals may be given there…

But, let’s talk about the Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival… It is probably there that you’ll see, taste, experience the most things! It’s your chance to discover the latest in health and wellness trends, and engage with over 300 participating brands.

First, you can discover and try (new) sports out. 

From mind sports such as chess and Rubik’s Cube, to table tennis, skip rope, rugby, arm-wrestling, weight lifting, cycling, yoga, rowing, martial arts such as judo, Krav Maga, Kung fu and more. They’ll all be represented through demonstrations, competitions and interactive workshops.

skipping rope Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival - Arm Wrestling chess

A few pop up classes will be run over the weekend by the finest cycling studio in Hong Kong, XYZ,  for you to get those legs moving and “grow young” as they say.

You could as well learn how to CrossFit with Reebok CrossFit Asphodel and maybe fall in love with the discipline, who knows?!

EPIC, official gym partner of the event, will bring you some balance, flexibility and endurance with EPIC Yoga and its lead yoga instructor Victor Chau and master Hari Sreenuvasan.

If you’ve always dreamt of getting some self-defense skills under your belt, the International Krav Maga Federation Hong Kong will be there too for some interactive workshops and demonstrations.

XYZ Asphodel EPIC Yoga

So, get involved!


But after all that, you’ll probably need to refuel. So… Food! 

It goes without saying that the Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival being a celebration of sports, fitness and health, you’ll be able to discover and taste there some yummy healthy eats.

Among them you’ll find for example Ice n Lean, THE answer for you all ice cream lovers out there! This grass-fed protein gelato is the bomb! So low in sugar that it can’t actually be called ice cream but so awesome in taste that you won’t want your regular ice cream after that anyway.

Ice N Lean

Another of my favorites: Bad Food Gone Good.  Paleo, gluten-free, all-natural, no refined sugar, no dairy, no soy, no preservatives, GMO-free. Cakes, cookies. Honestly, at that stage of greatness, I think I don’t even need to make proper sentences.

BFGG 2 BFGG 3 banana cake


Wanna come down there and see all that in person? Here is a tip: buy tickets here and get 30% off with Ursus Fitness discount code BEARCAMP.

If you can’t make it, follow the news on V fit stories’ Instagram and you’ll get updates during the day on the page and in the stories.

See you there!



Multi-sport festival tickets 3 days: HK$150 per adult per day (HK$80 for under-18s and students)

Multi-sport festival tickets Sat and Sun: HK$255 per adult (HK$136 for under-18s and students)

Bodybuilding competition and Schwarzenegger seminar tickets sold separately


More details on the event on

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